Kroger security guard indicted for killing man over loud music

  • Publicado el 16 dic 2021
  • Kroger security guard indicted for killing man over loud music

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  • itsnotthesamething
    itsnotthesamething Hace 5 meses +1079

    Self defense is one thing. Killing someone for simply playing his music too loud is murder. Loud music can be annoying to those who don't want to hear it. But it's not a death penalty offense. I hope this guy gets the maximum sentence.

    • JoeDaWg713
      JoeDaWg713 Hace 5 meses +3

      Always remember, when you see something in public that annoys you follow these two steps. 1. STFU. 2. Keep walking while minding you own business. This method is 100% full proof and will keep you out of prison, or the hospital.

  • Ako
    Ako Hace 5 meses +862

    He didn’t care about the music, he cares about his delusion of power being challenged.

    • Karma Isreal
      Karma Isreal Hace 4 meses

      @Euegen Jackson lol you love to say the word racist. You know it's not a magic word that makes you right. And racists don't care if you call them racists anyway lol.

    • Scott Butler
      Scott Butler Hace 4 meses

      @Virvum Juggernaut I don't think you understand what the word "rhetoric" means. Everything he wrote actually happened, that's literally the opposite of political rhetoric.

    • Layell Allen
      Layell Allen Hace 4 meses

      @Asaf Azpeitia are you referring to the grand jury making the charge more severe than the original arrest?? If that’s what you’re asking, it’s in the video.
      Be blessed

    • Asaf Azpeitia
      Asaf Azpeitia Hace 4 meses

      @Layell Allen where did you get that information.

  • Brant Frans
    Brant Frans Hace 5 meses +53

    Absolutely pathetic. Killing someone over loud music. He deserves to go to prison.

  • Nobody's Business
    Nobody's Business Hace 5 meses +191

    He broke every single piece of training that one gets in order to obtain the license to carry. He deserves every minute of jail time. This is a prime example of shooting someone just to shoot someone. I believe in the right to carry, but I will not justify this d-bags actions that lead to a needless death.

    • Mrs. Bernie Madoff
      Mrs. Bernie Madoff Hace 4 meses +1

      @Clarence Stanley -yea clarence, only thing is, ur fighting FAIR, and the Bad Guy isnt. He's coming at u with a firearm, the coward.😬😤🥰

    • Nobody's Business
      Nobody's Business Hace 4 meses

      @Jiant PANDA That is a fair question to ask. After looking into it I was unable to find any audio of the incident. This can be due to the security cameras lacking the capability, or is being withheld for reasons involving the court proceedings. He was recently indicted on December 17th so I'm sure more will be available to the public soon.

    • Jiant PANDA
      Jiant PANDA Hace 4 meses

      Is there audio somewhere to this video? I haven't seen it. Just wondering if he was telling guy to stop coming at him, but then he kept coming.

    • Joey Shields
      Joey Shields Hace 4 meses +1

      A man ran up on me with brass knuckles after two years of telling people he was gonna dump me in the river.. I tried to back up and leave but was scared of tripping over the curb down a hill or being backed up I to a car and tripping.. he bragged to people how he could disarm anyone in 4 ft.. like duh thats the reactionary gap.. but he kept lunging at me, I knew his prior use with coke as he was a former coworker, so id back up and aim over ten times it feels like before he gave me a crazed look and went to lung harder than all previous attempts, so I shot him in the knee and told him to stop threatening my life.. u don't have to kill a man to protect yourself.. I could see the knuckles my ex sold him in his hoodie pocket.. and even with no duty to retreat and being in a stand your ground state I still tried to leave and walk away after I drew my firearm, but sometimes crazy people are crazy and don't care about you not wanting to be beaten to death.. theybwont let you leave or back down.. butbit didn't mean I had to empty the mag..

  • R LI
    R LI Hace 5 meses +155

    I get it, his music probably was loud and annoying and even I sometimes have thought that ‘man, I wish they’d turn it down’ but here’s what I’ve never thought “they won’t turn it down, oh let me go get my gun”. So now you threw your life away because you couldn’t do what most sane people do and just simply ignore it and or walk away? Yeah buddy you deserve what’s coming to you.

    • 乇尺ズの
      乇尺ズの Hace 4 meses +1

      @Art Hand Especially discharging a weapon with all those flammable fumes lol he’s lucky he didn’t blow the place up on top of it

    • Art Hand
      Art Hand Hace 4 meses

      @乇尺ズの well, he didn't chase him. He shot him though, arguably worse.
      And at my current job, country music is one of the more common forms of music people like to blast. It still gets complaints from other customers.
      And I don't disagree with you. Security guard should have stayed out of it... like I said before, loud music isn't a security guard issue. It's a matter of asking them nicely to turn it down and if they don't just get them on their way..
      Few things are security job issues. I'm not even sure why people like him are allowed to carry a gun...

    • 乇尺ズの
      乇尺ズの Hace 4 meses

      @Art Hand did you think the security guard at the gas station was going to get in his car and chase him down the road and run him off or something? He should have stayed his ass in his little booth, let the guy play his boogie-woogie music or whatever the hell it was, and be on his merry way, almost seems like life is too short to sweat a few minutes of loud music. Besides how is he able to pump gas and listen to music at the same time?
      Do you think the guy would’ve shot him if it was country music?
      MUSIC FOR THE 10th time.
      Harmless loud music.

    • Art Hand
      Art Hand Hace 4 meses

      @乇尺ズの because it can very easily lead to fights and road rage if you don't handle situations that can lead to irate customers.
      And loud music is one thing that really seems to upset people. Hell, we have screens on the pumps of our current station and just the sound of "news" playing often leads to us getting sworn at and yelled at.
      And even setting aside the risk of physical fights and yelling matches... gas is expensive. Cigarettes are expensive. And theres a station every few blocks, sometimes even across the street from the one you're working at. If a customer feels like they're having their senses assaulted every time they come to the station, they will often go to the next station and they have every right to.
      To be fair, I've never actually had to turn off the pump for music. I have twice for behavior, one for a customer yelling slurs at another customer and one for getting aggressive with one of my employees.
      It is not about me, when I've worked graveyard or they are the only customer I let it happen. It's only when it might offend the other customers i step in

  • jim
    jim Hace 5 meses +1131

    If loud music bothers him he’ll be in noise hell in prison

    • Devil’s Reject
      Devil’s Reject Hace 4 meses

      💯 %

    • Mrs. Bernie Madoff
      Mrs. Bernie Madoff Hace 4 meses

      @Edward Bright whats "KO"? knock out?🤔🤨🙄😬

    • Mrs. Bernie Madoff
      Mrs. Bernie Madoff Hace 4 meses +1

      @Maria A Speed - I know, I also read that the Mexican will be the majority race in the usa. lol, now aint that a hoot..roflmao.🤣😂😁😬😬

    • Maria A Speed
      Maria A Speed Hace 4 meses

      @Sir saint Isaac wow , you have some flawed ethnocentric thinking there sir . Smh

  • Victorious H.
    Victorious H. Hace 5 meses +75

    The bigger picture of this story being that this guy used to be a police officer. He should understand the laws better than anyone. No longer was your officer safety #1 priority and no longer does qualified immunity save you. ✌

    • Cameron Butner
      Cameron Butner Hace 4 meses +1

      @Jij The ex cop flat out murdered the customer. There is no other way to put it! Death penalty for sure.

    • Jij
      Jij Hace 4 meses +1

      @Cameron Butner yup. And I'm glad they upgraded it to 1st degree

    • Cameron Butner
      Cameron Butner Hace 4 meses +1

      @Jij now that I’ve seen the video murder flat out murder!

    • Cameron Butner
      Cameron Butner Hace 4 meses

      @Jij then he deserves what he gets. I did not see the video that’s why I asked. Where can I see the video?

  • 2008mastif
    2008mastif Hace 5 meses +101

    I've been in LE/Security since 1982. There's never been a time when something so trivial got me literally triggered to the point of even aiming a gun at someone not to mention shooting them. There's more to his motive than loud music. That doesn't even make sense at all. He's probably got a long history excessive force over the years

    • Jiant PANDA
      Jiant PANDA Hace 4 meses

      @Jen Kem Good grief. 🤦‍♂️

    • Jen Kem
      Jen Kem Hace 5 meses +1

      Just speculating here but probably a wee bit of white nationalist in him. He certainly fits the profile.

    • F M
      F M Hace 5 meses

      you're probably right and hence why he is a security guard at a gas station now.

    • ralph holiman
      ralph holiman Hace 5 meses +2

      The worst person for law enforcement or private security, is the person who can’t control his emotions. Like Dalton said in Road House. “Just be nice.” Bouncer: “What if they call me a m******f******?” Dalton: “That’s just two nouns put together, to try and elicit an emotional response. It’s nothing personal. Just be nice.”

    • Jim Rr
      Jim Rr Hace 5 meses +1

      As a certified master Mall Marshal, it goes to my head sometimes, I get badge heavy, and I sucker slap the local sheriff.

  • Corey Harding
    Corey Harding Hace 5 meses +50

    Damn….. unbelievable, just playing loud music escalated to losing your life!!!!…… and the fact that he was former police raises questions for concern…. If he couldn’t cut it as a police officer, what the hell was he doing as a security with a gun??

    • S. N.
      S. N. Hace 5 meses +3

      Big fan of your assumption he "couldn't cut it" as a police officer. This might surprise you: Police officers retire, and go into other civilian jobs to occupy their time.

  • Sabrina C.
    Sabrina C. Hace 5 meses +12

    I understand how loud music can be ANNOYING, but to kill the guy over it?!!! That’s extreme. We are living in crazy times. It’s best to not argue with anyone smh.

  • Shawn Gorman
    Shawn Gorman Hace 5 meses +477

    Same thing happened here in Jacksonville, Florida with the killing of Jordan Davis at a gas station. He was killed over loud music. His killer got life without parole. Hope this killer gets the same!

    • israel is real all praises to the most high!
      israel is real all praises to the most high! Hace 5 meses

      Your talking about Micheal Dunn.. the killer who went and ate pizza after killing Jordan

    • Sarah Sonnin'em
      Sarah Sonnin'em Hace 5 meses

      @BadassTigerOscar those structures of "yours" are mostly tartarian. cant lay claim to something that isnt yours, but thats your calling card. Ours are very much there and most are yet to be rediscovered one in particular looks like a mountain and is said to be the biggest in the world even larger than the pyramids of giza but it wont be named here, not out of fear because you're nothing to be fearful of, but youtube keeps deleting comments so ill leave it out. i wont pay much attention to your words as they hold no weight in architectural longevity, i mean, Your current structures have the self life of milk and small tectonic movements turn them to rubble so you comment is laughable ESPECIALLY from a historic stand point. What is enjoyable in the U.S.A?

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie Hace 5 meses +79

    Another tragic case of "Because I Said So". Dude you're a freaking security guard at a grocery store...if your temper is that bad maybe you should work from home.

    • Mike
      Mike Hace 5 meses

      Well he’s gonna have years to work from home now

    • Trandview
      Trandview Hace 5 meses

      He must have still had connects in the Department....Was still in LEO mode....

    • ღSwnsasyღ _
      ღSwnsasyღ _ Hace 5 meses +1

      @J Will Spot on!!

    • J Will
      J Will Hace 5 meses +10

      @ღSwnsasyღ _ They don't value certain lives. If it was someone blasting Garth Brooks, we know it would have been a different outcome.

    • ღSwnsasyღ _
      ღSwnsasyღ _ Hace 5 meses +4

      It's like so many don't value life and have no qualms with taking ones from them..

  • Valerie G
    Valerie G Hace 5 meses +21

    So evil to take a life over MUSIC unbelievable! The security guard ex-police officers had training and knowledge of a real threat! Service time for life in prison!

    • yankees29
      yankees29 Hace 5 meses

      It was over just music. The black guy was fighting with and threatening the guy.

  • Patrick Mcg
    Patrick Mcg Hace 5 meses +27

    He should’ve been found guilty. Just think the type of lowdown shit he did while he was a police officer

  • Shonda Smith
    Shonda Smith Hace 5 meses +13

    1st Degree should've been put into place from day one SMH.
    Throw the whole entire book at him. RIP To The Deceased Victim, My Condolences goes out to the family 🙏

  • chris a.
    chris a. Hace 5 meses +326

    5'4 but with that gun he feels like he's 6'4, so pathetic

    • nova vargas
      nova vargas Hace 4 meses

      @Ja_mob see how far ur hands get you in Chicago

    • Michael Sellers
      Michael Sellers Hace 5 meses

      I am 6’5” 275pounds. I do not need a gun.

    • paintboi2u1
      paintboi2u1 Hace 5 meses +1

      Hell yeah

  • Jovi Lewis
    Jovi Lewis Hace 5 meses +67

    People need to realize something about guns.. especially if you open carry, that gun does not exist unless your life is in danger. You can't shoot someone cause your mad, you can't threaten someone because your mad. It don't exist unless someone is actively trying to kill you

    • Black and White
      Black and White Hace 4 meses

      @Akhenaten by that logic, people shouldn't be allowed to drive... Right?????

    • Joe Kulik
      Joe Kulik Hace 5 meses +2

      Many years ago, a retired FBI agent once told me:
      "NEVER draw your gun unless you are ready to use it.
      NEVER use your gun unless you are ready to kill someone."

    • Akhenaten
      Akhenaten Hace 5 meses

      This is why people shouldn't be allow to have guns

    • Growing and Showing
      Growing and Showing Hace 5 meses +6

      People need to have the sense to know if a gun is something they can handle. A bad temper is a big issue with the whole situation.. Like you said- you can't shoot someone cause you're mad.

  • 3alarm247
    3alarm247 Hace 5 meses +26

    Loud music meant he was outside, being outside means he’s leaving. He should’ve let him go. Very sad.

    • 3alarm247
      3alarm247 Hace 5 meses

      @Austin M or maybe other people are busy being productive which leaves little time for hanging out at gas stations playing music. Have you thought about that? Or are you busy blasting music at the gas station?

    • Austin M
      Austin M Hace 5 meses

      @3alarm247 or pumping gas, or doing what many people do which is hangout in parking lots. that was a poorly thought out point

    • 3alarm247
      3alarm247 Hace 5 meses

      @Austin M , my point was if he was outside he was leaving at some point so he should’ve left him alone.

    • Austin M
      Austin M Hace 5 meses +1

      in what way does loud music mean that? i see people parked all the time playing loud music lmao

  • Magoo
    Magoo Hace 5 meses +7

    Wow. That's full-on. The concerning thing is that his mates only wanted to charge him with second-degree murder. The system tried to get him off.

  • Adam Garner
    Adam Garner Hace 5 meses +4

    I’ve been to prison. Trust me when I say this. He’s not as strong as his pistol 🔫 and the tables will turn on him

  • CliffHuxtableSweater
    CliffHuxtableSweater Hace 5 meses +11

    Mr. Karen: he felt a need to control an environment that he had no right to control. Wow.

    • 2OneFive Broad St
      2OneFive Broad St Hace 5 meses

      Y'all kill each other on a regular but this is a Wow🤔

  • Cyrax
    Cyrax Hace 4 meses +4

    A witness testified that just before the shooting Livingston walked to him at the kiosk where he was waiting to pay for gas and said “he’s killed four people before.”

  • Can't Stop
    Can't Stop Hace 5 meses +1

    When I first started watching the video I thought “security guards need better training”, then I realized he was already a cop. Wow just wow.

  • ibukdezz1031
    ibukdezz1031 Hace 5 meses +1

    Damn two lives were lost over loud music?! Let’s set the egos aside and and excuse ourselves from the situation if we can’t control the environment.

  • Peter Kuzemchak
    Peter Kuzemchak Hace 5 meses +631

    Ouch. As security even I know this is wrong. My condolences to the family, justice must be served.

    • JoeCnNd
      JoeCnNd Hace un mes

      You don't need to work security to know this is wrong. Heck you don't even need to enter kindergarten.

    • ϲv$lime
      ϲv$lime Hace 4 meses

      @Jiant PANDA one if he's afraid he should be the one backing up and trying to move as far away from possible "threat", then he could call the cops, but choose to act on his own will

    • Jiant PANDA
      Jiant PANDA Hace 4 meses +1

      My only question is there audio of everything? If he tells the guy to turn it down and then the guy approaches the guard, if the guard tells him to stop. Then why doesn't he just stop? I agree it looks bad. However, if the guard can say he was in fear of his life and that's why he pulled the gun. Then the next question would be why wouldn't the guy stop? Would you stop if a guard put a gun at you? I would. 🤷‍♂️

    • Wild yoda
      Wild yoda Hace 5 meses +1

      @optimisticcosmic your just trying to find someway to justify this killing and it’s clear as day this man was murdered and he was unarmed this is not self defense

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams Hace 5 meses +3

    This security guard was “addicted” to power, which, in turn, gives him that “adrenaline rush”.

  • Kenyanna Pennington
    Kenyanna Pennington Hace 5 meses +1

    Another life taken over lack of authority in another person’s life.💔

  • Beverly
    Beverly Hace 5 meses +2

    I have a neighbor who plays their music so loudly that I can hear it in my house with doors and windows closed even if I turn on a TV. I asked her to turn it down, she told me it's her house and she can do as she pleases......I still haven't shot her over it..... JFC 🙄. First degree murder is the appropriate charge and I hope he is convicted.

  • David Gee
    David Gee Hace 5 meses +3

    I clicked on this video because I didn't understand why someone would shoot and kill someone over music. Then they said the shooter was a former police officer. That's all my brain needed to absorb to understand.

  • yurydolinsky
    yurydolinsky Hace 5 meses +566

    Wow , what a scumbag. Shooting someone over loud music and he is ex cop? He will be very popular in prison. He will never pass a fart again volunteerly ! 😳

    • squeezecake
      squeezecake Hace 4 meses

      @War Age TV Gotta finish the video. They bumped it up to 1st degree.

    • Mrs. Bernie Madoff
      Mrs. Bernie Madoff Hace 5 meses

      @James Ball- hell yea, hell yea🤔🤨🙄🥰

    • James Ball
      James Ball Hace 5 meses +1

      He’s not an Ex-cop. Once cop always cop and he simply murdered someone off the clock. That’s the only difference here.

    • trip madden
      trip madden Hace 5 meses

      After passing the SAFE PRISONS ACT it has really calmed down. Nothing like it was. There may be so.e rock n roll units out there but as an ex cop... he will be put in protective custody..

    • Ballers Inc. Midwest
      Ballers Inc. Midwest Hace 5 meses

      He's a little guy.... ex cop... Prison will be fun for him

  • jazzy j
    jazzy j Hace 5 meses +1

    Damn, really? That is so upsetting, over some damn music. 😒
    Rest In Peace ☮️

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez Hace 5 meses +1

    There has to be something wrong with someone to kill someone over loud music, obviously, that security guard wasn't fit to be in that line of work.

  • shirley owens
    shirley owens Hace 5 meses +1

    I said this was going to happen one day, that noise affect people differently, it really effects me and yes I’m a Black woman but would never hurt anyone over it, But will say when someone comes behind me with that loud music it is most Disturbing to me, so
    Imagine a mental or evil person something to think about.💁🏾

  • G DuCharme
    G DuCharme Hace 5 meses +1

    That explains it: Former police officer! He was still of the mindset that he could get away with it. That the cops would cover it up. I wonder what he did get away with while he was a cop.

  • stevo Braden
    stevo Braden Hace 5 meses +1

    He thought the guy was about to walk up on him and attack. Which we’ll never know if that was true because he shot buddy while he was still hitting his damn pen!!
    I could see dude perhaps sneaking old white dude as he went by and that’s why he was afraid and shot. But come the fuck on, how you gonna be a scary and be a security guard? Can’t have cowards with guns in their hands.
    I used to work security and had a situation EXACTLY like this. I asked the guy POLITELY if he didn’t mind turning the music down a bit because there were kids and elderly nearby.

  • Larry Farris
    Larry Farris Hace 5 meses +1

    That’s one time as an ex-cop you gona be “in a heap of trouble, boy”! 😎

  • Ria
    Ria Hace 5 meses +1

    Would've hated to run into this guy when he was a cop🙁 God only knows what he did with that kind of authority.

  • Eddie Griffin
    Eddie Griffin Hace 5 meses +2

    What more prove do you need? You kill a person over laud music, let him rot in prison and no parole.

  • Alfred Washington
    Alfred Washington Hace 5 meses +448

    Once again a person so entitled that he chose to kill someone because he wasn't doing what he was told to do. How dare you not follow my instructions, do you know who I AM?

    • Chaos Havoc
      Chaos Havoc Hace 5 meses

      @The Heir of Grace name anything that’s not actually bull crap.Show proof not just how you feel about something.How many you got??And now how many with them cooperating?Your a joke and come on step up finish what you start

    • The Heir of Grace
      The Heir of Grace Hace 5 meses

      @Chaos Havoc those murdered via video were not resisting. I watched men get blindsided and had no idea what was happening, traffic stops where " gun, gun" was yelled and there wasn't a gun, stop resisting while cop is lying "warmly" on top of handcuffed or disabled person, grabbing and slamming girls/young women around and they end up dead when they ask a question. To make matters worse, I work in forensics and you can't tell me anything about " resisting", I've witnessed correctional officers and cops get their butts handed to them by white men and women...not much happened, extra charges and sometimes they became friends. Critical Race Reality.

    • S Boloshis
      S Boloshis Hace 5 meses

      Turn the music down was an option, the dude decided to ignore that. Dead. Argue with a gun wielding maniac vs turn it down.

  • Ian Stoa
    Ian Stoa Hace 5 meses +1

    Once a cop, always above the law

  • weldmin
    weldmin Hace 5 meses +1

    Did he say the former officer trained to de-escalate? I've never heard of police de-escalating anything. Usually they're the one's who introduce guns and life altering consequences to the situation.

  • babevso
    babevso Hace 5 meses


  • relaxation23
    relaxation23 Hace 5 meses +21

    I want people to hear the most important part.... He was an ex-cop! How the hell does a cop think it's ok to pull a gun on a man who in no way has threatened your life! Defund the federal government! Use the money to train the police and put the power back in the hands of the American people and not some dinosaur who cant figure out his own name.. LETS GO BRANDON

    • condorX2
      condorX2 Hace 5 meses

      Try reverse that thought and imagine you're being challenged with loud music while you're having a splitting migraine.
      You're forced to swallowed every boom and lyric.

  • Fredrcg
    Fredrcg Hace 5 meses +849

    There was no reason for the guard to pull out his gun. Gun is to be pulled out only when you’re in danger.

    • Sharon McCluskey
      Sharon McCluskey Hace 4 meses

      His ears was on danger🤣

    • DatGrrl
      DatGrrl Hace 5 meses

      @Shane Tomlin were the shooters in vegas black men like the majority of shooters in memphis??? i rest my case...

    • Aviated Views Sound
      Aviated Views Sound Hace 5 meses


  • Rolando Chavez
    Rolando Chavez Hace 5 meses +1

    This dude was so tough with a gun! Now that he is in jail he wants to be in perfective custody!

  • Enlightened Anthony
    Enlightened Anthony Hace 5 meses

    Here’s to Gregory finding a “dark fate” in prison. 🍻 😂
    Look I know you suspect EVERY sun 🌞 man to be up to no good, but it doesn’t give you the right to shoot one of us just because we’re playing music. 😳

  • ᏟꫀꫀᏟꫀꫀⲊᥴꫀᥒꫀ ᏆᎢ

    My God what a loss. People are just out here executing others as they see fit…

  • William Fernandini
    William Fernandini Hace 5 meses +2

    I saw the video in full and i believe it was proper to charge him. He didnt need to shoot or even pull his weapon. There was no danger that i could see

  • LUCKY CLICK 100M views
    LUCKY CLICK 100M views Hace 5 meses +458

    The guy is definitely a murderer. You can't shoot a guy over music no matter how loud it is. Give the killer the harshest punishment for this senseless killing

    • Boricua Alma
      Boricua Alma Hace 5 meses +1

      @Vermillion exactly! because that gun made him a big man! and all he wanted to do is control what somebody else was doing! when the reality is that loud music would've been gone as soon as the driver finished inside the store and pumping gas or whatever and none of this even had to happen! but trust & believe he won't have that same energy in prison!

    • Vermillion
      Vermillion Hace 5 meses +2

      He should be put in a prison full of brothers.
      we'll see his strength therr.

    • Boricua Alma
      Boricua Alma Hace 5 meses +1

      @Dee Vee Oh i was done 2 days ago! i put that person on ignore! which is exactly what i will continue to do is ignore him and he can go find somebody else to argue with because there's plenty of other comments under this video that say the same thing I've said but he seems to be stuck on this one comment section and directed all of his B.S. towards me! lol but i digress 💅✌

    • Dee Vee
      Dee Vee Hace 5 meses +2

      @Boricua Alma yeah because he seems to be purposefully trying and wanting to argue with you about racism as if it doesn't exist when all anyone has to do is look at the comments on this video or on any video where this type of thing has happened but alot of people like to downplay it as if it doesn't exist and that's just funny to me for people to be in such denial and yet it's right here in people's faces everyday! so don't respond to that guy because all he wants to do is argue.

  • tronarat
    tronarat Hace 5 meses +1

    He thought he'd still be protected like when he was a cop ,welcome to our side buddy the system you used to represent is no longer on your side welcome to the shit show don't drop the soap

  • Smart cookie
    Smart cookie Hace 5 meses +1

    That security guard must have thought his blue line immunity would carry him through. Guess not!

  • MarkThomasMusic
    MarkThomasMusic Hace 5 meses +1

    KISS once said "if it's too loud, you're too old" I hope that rent-a-cop gets a big black microphone every night of his life sentence

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G Hace 5 meses

    This is why I wear headphones and why I'm still alive 🕺

  • Dan Story
    Dan Story Hace 5 meses +1

    From a first look, it appears o be pretty damning but the truth is, we have been given too little information in this article to pronounce judgement of any kind. Let's wait until more information is available. For all we know, the news story has it all wrong. After all, it wouldn't be the first time...

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez Hace 5 meses +1

    Thank God for the cameras. Just imagine how much crap they get away with.

  • Love To Do Cool Stuff
    Love To Do Cool Stuff Hace 4 meses +1

    Moral of the story: Have some respect and keep your music from disturbing others. (And don’t shoot people)

  • Популярно в България

    im amazed how many crazy people have gun licenses in america! you are at war between each other !

  • James Aldridge
    James Aldridge Hace 5 meses +380

    The guys mugshot looks like he’s already been to prison for murder.

  • Craft Paint
    Craft Paint Hace 5 meses

    The best music are the friends we make along the way 💐

  • Cactus Flower
    Cactus Flower Hace 5 meses +1

    Nice to see the justice system work. He had no regard for life, he should never get out.

  • Ernie Deane
    Ernie Deane Hace 5 meses +1

    Can only imagine how he treated people as a cop?

  • Rich
    Rich Hace 5 meses +1

    Simple question is it okay for you to play loud music wherever you want publicly?

  • Ladycarpenter
    Ladycarpenter Hace 5 meses

    I was in private security for over 5 years. The company I worked for always taught you only use your weapon as a last resort. You only use your weapon if your life is being threatened by deadly force with a weapon, gun, knife, club, etc.

    • F M
      F M Hace 5 meses

      should be interesting to see what type of nonsense his lawyers come up with as excuses....good thing there is video evidence to show he was the aggressor and his life wasn't in danger whatsoever

  • American Me
    American Me Hace 5 meses

    We all feel the same way as the security guard

  • Devil’s Reject
    Devil’s Reject Hace 4 meses

    Thought he was still able to get away with what cops do even though he’s no longer an officer

  • My Man
    My Man Hace 5 meses

    Shit, 👀🎧I used to Blast music everywhere when I got my DL.. Beat's just so fresh, you want the world to feel it too.. I stopped in crowded areas cause I realized it usually calls more attention to the person rather than to the music cause everyone has their taste..
    I mean, I wouldn't wanna hear "All I want for Christmas" blowing out my ears.. But this makes me wanna wear headphones on my headphones..

  • Bonchico davis
    Bonchico davis Hace 5 meses +273

    That’s crazy to take a life over loud music

    • Mixed Marksman
      Mixed Marksman Hace 4 meses

      in Wilmington ohio too couple weeks ago 81 year old man did the same thing but didn't shoot.

    • lizard944
      lizard944 Hace 5 meses

      @fred sims No. In most cities they have noise ordinances and vulgarity ordinances. He could've been charged with disorderly conduct.

  • fsilber
    fsilber Hace 5 meses

    I've shopped at that Kroger. Damn, this seems to be a haunted place. A couple of years ago a physician righteously killed a would-be carjacker. More recently, a fired sushi chef killed a few people at that supermarket.
    This is the second murder I've read about triggered by someone playing loud music. I don't expect this to go well for him. Maybe it's time we passed a law against loud music.
    I wonder whether he's related to Barry and Stanley Livingston who played the younger boys on "My Three Sons" starring Fred MacMurray in the 1960s.

  • pri pls
    pri pls Hace 5 meses +1

    Once he sees how awful prison life is, He’s gonna be begging to be back in the parking lot jammin with the guys music instead of murdering him. I’m glad they upped the charge. Get over yourselves people! You can’t take a life bc someone is annoying you! And I absolutely hate when people play music loudly but I would never in a million years think they deserve to die bc of it.

  • Brooke Wright
    Brooke Wright Hace 5 meses

    I really can’t watch videos like this anymore 😭😭😭. This is really sickening

  • Marie Lawrence
    Marie Lawrence Hace 5 meses +1

    Man I swear people just get so over worked about such little things because they think there the president or something! We really need to get this gun situation under control and I think this in particular is a good reason why

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister Hace 5 meses +447

    People gotta stop allowing things they can't control bother them, in a perfect world you'd ask someone to turn down their music and they'd comply; unfortunately the world we live in isn't perfect.
    You have to strategically weigh your options on whether a confrontation is necessary or if you can withstand their blaring music for the few minutes they'll be in your vicinity, now this guy will spend a good chunk of the rest of his life behind bars over something so insignificant.
    It just isn't worth it, live and let live. As long as they aren't causing you or your loved ones any physical harm you have no reason to insert yourself into a situation you have no control over.

    • Herbert Johnson
      Herbert Johnson Hace 4 meses

      @Noladude504 yep, I live in Texas.

    • kareemervin30
      kareemervin30 Hace 5 meses

      @R Nettles I guess you'll be the next to use force out of context. You could do something, mind your own business when you don't carry the proper merit to take a life and contact proper authority over the matter not take it into your own hand's. Remember there's always a consequence for one's actions, security details entails that you only observe and report.

    • Chaos Havoc
      Chaos Havoc Hace 5 meses

      @JoeDaWg713 they don’t care about the housing projects snowboy

  • Charvel white
    Charvel white Hace 5 meses +1

    Wow !!! This is insane !!! One man kills another man over loud music, forgive us Lord Jesus and change our hearts !!!

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Hace 5 meses +4

    Yeah he just straight up murdered the guy in the video. His only hope of getting off at this point is asking for the Rittenhouse judge to oversee his trial otherwise he's done. Ain't no other way he's escaping that murder charge.

    • Light Yagami
      Light Yagami Hace 5 meses

      @Patrick Winkler Jury is fed what the Judge allows and a judge can sway the case. The small weapons charge that was dropped, anyone else in his position would have gotten 2-4 years in prison including you. If you want to see a professional judge go watch the Arbery case. He didn't play any games, or have a clear bias towards either side. Stayed professional the entire time. That's a fact regardless of your justification. It was self defense but he clearly did many things wrong that would have gotten anyone else some kind of jail time.

    • Patrick Winkler
      Patrick Winkler Hace 5 meses

      Rittenhouse was cleared of wrongdoing by a JURY, not a judge. Regardless of your OPINION the evidence was substantial.

    SISTER 💕DELIA Hace 5 meses

    R.I.P 🕊🙏🏽🕊❤️ When someone is aiming a gun at you 9 times out of 10 they trying to kill you. And when you point a gun above a person’s waistline your motive is clear. It’s just a matter of time before you release a shot that could be fatal.

  • Edwin The Professional
    Edwin The Professional Hace 5 meses

    Wow. A defenseless man murdered in the street in broad daylight. Sad day, but his prison mates and hell will rectify this. Prayers to the victim’s family🙏🏾

  • Dita Valerio
    Dita Valerio Hace 5 meses +216

    How did he survive the 90’s ??? Everyone had bass and provided noise pollution- shocking that planes are louder and trains , but no one complains

    • T
      T Hace 4 meses +1

      Nobody is yelling at people blasting Mozart.

    • Malcolm X Raw
      Malcolm X Raw Hace 5 meses

      @Daryl White every other nation that has a train system are quiet except for ours

    • Malcolm X Raw
      Malcolm X Raw Hace 5 meses

      @L Bai exactly.. you would think common sense would enable some people to consider that.. his tolerance back then is burnt out now

    • Dita Valerio
      Dita Valerio Hace 5 meses

      @Retired snow bunny hunter x I still do , but my dog chewed through wires as a pup so have to fix 😂

    • Chris Lopez
      Chris Lopez Hace 5 meses +1

      It's political that's why💯, you didn't hear this from me though 🤫

  • Jimbo Russel
    Jimbo Russel Hace 5 meses +1

    If having a gun on your person changes your attitude and personality in any way you should not carry at all.

  • Chase ROBINSON
    Chase ROBINSON Hace 5 meses

    I Worked with Mr.Greg as a armed security Supervisor...he was a cool guy being honest shocked he would do something like this!!!

  • MF Blowfish
    MF Blowfish Hace 5 meses

    Just once I want to hear you scream.
    “ play some rap music”

    PATRIOT III% Hace 5 meses +1

    Maybe y'all should think about that next time you turn your music up louder than it needs to be everybody don't want to hear that shit I don't care what you do in your house but when you're out in public be respectful of others or they will handle it

  • Barnabas Racks
    Barnabas Racks Hace 5 meses +58

    I get it, the music was loud and probably annoying. So you have the Power to decide that this behavior justifies your behavior? Well now a group of people will decide if you were right or wrong! Condolences to the VICTIM'S Family and Friends.

    • Lunam Equa
      Lunam Equa Hace 5 meses +3

      @Barnabas Racks I like how you said that.

    • Evil Rev
      Evil Rev Hace 5 meses

      Nonsense-you do not have a right to seriously threaten anyone. I DO believe that the shooting victim did just that

  • Ran Kat
    Ran Kat Hace 5 meses +1

    His true nature has finally been caught up with.

  • Aunt Jemaima
    Aunt Jemaima Hace 5 meses

    This the same reason I always turn down the volume when I see them scary stuff

    MACHINEE Hace 5 meses +1

    35 Years to LIFE!!!

  • Mary Shoemaker
    Mary Shoemaker Hace 5 meses

    I've said this so many times, this pandemic has brought out the worst in people all over the world 🌍 this has caused more damage than good and the world will not unite together even when it's all over if and when it gets over 💔

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes Hace 5 meses

    Not saying this is true of all security guards, but the one's I worked with were mentally unstable people who were either kicked out of the military or straight up rejected. One guy literally told me he was just waiting for a chance to blow someone away. Our job was to check truck drivers hauling high value loads in and out of a secure lot.

  • cdubbz
    cdubbz Hace 5 meses +1

    Damn he’s about to be popular in prison 💀 This wasn’t self defense or in any way justified.

  • kareemervin30
    kareemervin30 Hace 5 meses +1

    He should have followed protocol and contacted the proper authority if there was any further escalation of said event. He's gonna hate where he is headed, he should have used better judgement than to be used like he's gonna. He might even get the same karma, he kills unarmed man for minor disturbance and he used to be apart of the pig pin, he got it coming!

  • Love Iskind
    Love Iskind Hace 5 meses

    He must of been a ticking time bomb 💣
    It bothers me not knowing wtf he got away with when he was officer .I can only imagine
    Karma will find you some kinda of way 🙂

  • Zero S
    Zero S Hace 5 meses +169

    The guy wld have finished getn his gas and drove away with his loud music. If you are so afraid of confrontation that you had to pull a gun you shld have backed away and left it alone.

  • Red Caucasians Sunburned In Africa Egypt

    He's going to claim Stand Your Ground. 😂 Stuff like this happens every 8 hours to Black men.

  • Thomas Santiago
    Thomas Santiago Hace 5 meses

    Damn, he was serious about bringing down that noise.I know one thing, you bout to hear a whole lot of noise in jail

  • Chase Randle
    Chase Randle Hace 5 meses

    This really bothers me to my core. Obviously his previous experience/job allowed nonsense. Trigger happy…. Interesting enough that district should be invested. How many other trigger happy good ole boys have done things out of said power. False reporting… racial profiling…ticketing etc👀👀

  • Bullitt12273
    Bullitt12273 Hace 5 meses

    Justice prevailed!!!

  • Dennis Jaros
    Dennis Jaros Hace 5 meses

    It's sad that it happened but it seems like that guy really didn't like what you were bumping and the man wouldn't turn the music down because he felt like everyone else wanted to hear that and homie felt disrespected because white man Bob asked if he would turn down that loud shit and so it essentially escalated to this tragedy for both families...

  • MrColdwatercanyon
    MrColdwatercanyon Hace 5 meses +4

    I used to play my music loud in the 80’s I’d hate to think some SOB would want to kill me over it

    • Limp Dick McHenry
      Limp Dick McHenry Hace 5 meses

      Yeah but I can guarantee you knew when and where to play the loud music.
      Joggers don’t….but if you think I’m racist I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Drone Operator
    Drone Operator Hace 5 meses +1


  • Ebony Timberlake
    Ebony Timberlake Hace 5 meses

    About dayum time, I was wondering what was going on with this case

  • Mozilla
    Mozilla Hace 5 meses +278

    I despise people who crank their music in public, it’s just rude, but I have never once considered killing anyone over it. Seems like his ex-cop ego got bruised and he assumed his ex-cop buddies would cover for him.

    • Crazy32 People
      Crazy32 People Hace 5 meses +1

      @YA One yes, that's why I stopped commenting. Sad world!

    • RoxyGSP
      RoxyGSP Hace 5 meses +2

      @J&M22! yeah you got it, YOUR own car, YOUR own space so only turn it up to where YOU can only hear it within YOUR space. No one else want to hear it coming from YOUR space.

    • sandor clegane
      sandor clegane Hace 5 meses

      @Runningwolf Carson ughhhh ok great