4th suspect charged after teen gunned down at funeral

  • Publicado el 1 nov 2021
  • 4th suspect charged after teen gunned down at funeral

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  • Grandma A
    Grandma A Hace 6 meses +745

    So sad that we keep killing each other off like it’s nothing... we are our own worst enemy

    • James Jones
      James Jones Hace 2 meses

      @StraightUpTruth are they only supplying blk men with guns?? Doomed as a race

    • Uhtred ,son if Uhtred
      Uhtred ,son if Uhtred Hace 4 meses

      @Linda you answered your own question

  • BAW Black American Warrior
    BAW Black American Warrior Hace 6 meses +671

    Until we stop glorifying that type of behavior in raps & music it will never stop happening.

    • mrdavid
      mrdavid Hace 2 meses

      They only way it will get better is when people realize they don't have to let culture define them. They can define their culture.

    • Allen Bennett
      Allen Bennett Hace 4 meses

      @Darlene Jackson 💯, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities , against powers, against rulers of darkness in this world against spiritual wickedness in high places.. wherefore take on the whole armor of God that you maybe be able to stand in the evil day

    • Uhtred ,son if Uhtred
      Uhtred ,son if Uhtred Hace 5 meses

      @J.R. Elgran dam so we are alot alike

    • Uhtred ,son if Uhtred
      Uhtred ,son if Uhtred Hace 5 meses

      @keith boykins dam now white people invented rap

    • Uhtred ,son if Uhtred
      Uhtred ,son if Uhtred Hace 5 meses

      @Linda LMAO

  • BizRELLY5150
    BizRELLY5150 Hace 6 meses +355

    This is a low down dirty shame that you can't even bury your dead

  • BoiYouMadeDatBeat
    BoiYouMadeDatBeat Hace 6 meses +104

    I'm getting tired of the lack of accountability in my community, how can a 16 year old be a good kid but his involved in guns? and you hear people saying when will this end it will end when we start taking accountability.

    • WarriorScholar
      WarriorScholar Hace 5 meses

      You think you have a community? You think the problems will end when "we" start taking accountability? If you genuinely care, that's good, but you should identify your expertise, and simply stick with that. Otherwise, you could just as easily put yourself in the way.

    • BoiYouMadeDatBeat
      BoiYouMadeDatBeat Hace 5 meses

      @Pastor Black Straight facts! couldn't agree more charity begins at home.

    • Pastor Black
      Pastor Black Hace 5 meses +1


    • Pastor Black
      Pastor Black Hace 5 meses


  • sabfly
    sabfly Hace 6 meses +363

    I love how the family has so much to say about violence in the city when the teen who got killed was literally in his cousins instagram live who was sitting there taunting people, where’s the accountability? Y’all blame everybody else but the people who bring this on themselves

  • SJ R
    SJ R Hace 6 meses +80

    All the family members giving the same speech about the senseless deaths, but guessing that many of them knew exactly the kind of life the victim was living and did absolutely nothing about it. So go ahead and have your rallies, vigils, candles, stuffed animals, activists speaking about how things need to change but you yourselves are not willing to change. Tired of the hypocrisy.

    • 13spider
      13spider Hace un mes

      @DannysGirl1 absolutely…sick of this bullshit…

    • 13spider
      13spider Hace 2 meses

      really facts..I live and work not to far from there...our youth today has it backwards but this problem isn’t new...been going on for years..just that social media wasn’t around...
      90% of this madness comes from bad parenting, parenting mistakes, or no parenting at all...

    • SJ R
      SJ R Hace 4 meses

      @HAMP INC how ironic that you can accuse me of my lifestyle, and referring about my opinion of someone that I don't know and you don't know my lifestyle. And you did the exact same thing. Kinda sounds a little hypocritical. The irony that you can be assuming and judgemental about other people and that's ok with you, but God forbid how dare anyone else be just as judgemental as yourself. Once again, tired of the racial hypocrisy.

    • Merk City Boy
      Merk City Boy Hace 4 meses

      I'm glad somebody sees it what do they expect to happen if they keep up the same shitty lifestyle.

    NEW GENERATION OF AFRICA'S Hace 6 meses +178

    I don't understand how so many people choose the choice of taking someone else's life & goes to Jail for the rest of their lives,why some gets away with Murder,but the Lord's Judgement await everyone..Life is so precious & beautiful, try to enjoy it no matter the conditions...

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith Hace 6 meses +13

    When you don't teach your children the principles of life, discipline, self-control, and how to be a part of the community. This is what happens.., The parents should get charged also.

  • Anthony Ojeda
    Anthony Ojeda Hace 6 meses +15

    It's only a problem when it happens to someone you love.

  • Maya Lunics
    Maya Lunics Hace 6 meses +122

    These kids don't understand what 25 to Life means. Someone needs to reprogram their brains.

    • Moomintroll is tired of your bs
      Moomintroll is tired of your bs Hace 5 meses +1

      The only reprogramming they need is prison. 😎👍🏼 that's all they will ever know.

    • Printiss Graham
      Printiss Graham Hace 5 meses


    • Mafia 100
      Mafia 100 Hace 6 meses

      Good comment overlooked by many youths.

    • Joe Biggs
      Joe Biggs Hace 6 meses

      Once they find out what it is it be TOO LATE! They’ll see when they get in that cage

  • What’sHisFace
    What’sHisFace Hace 6 meses +139

    My old neighborhood always used to claim “I ain’t no snitch!” When thugs engaged in violence to their neighbor, they change their minds REAL quick when that same violence visits them or those they love. Then they singing like a bird and want all the info in the world, getting upset at those who don’t speak out………places like that are not a community.

    • Pastor Black
      Pastor Black Hace 5 meses

      1000000000000000000% Correct!!

    • Qwammie Newsome
      Qwammie Newsome Hace 6 meses +2

      I rather one say, if I tell, I might be attacked than to hear a male or female say I AIN' NO SNITCH!!!

    • Latasha Dimples
      Latasha Dimples Hace 6 meses +4

      Facts!! I can’t stand that word snitch when it’s used in our community. People are so lost & it’s sad. Our people at that…

    • Gary Douglas
      Gary Douglas Hace 6 meses +7

      @Boe Jiden People can't go outside after dark, and only warily during daylight. But every time one of the thugs gets caught, the news interviews his mother who says he was a sweet boy.

    • NOIR
      NOIR Hace 6 meses


  • Maggie Day
    Maggie Day Hace 6 meses +10

    My sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. My heart breaks for them. This is awful.

  • Derick Smith
    Derick Smith Hace 6 meses +54

    He died doing what he loved.. you live by the gun you die by the gun

  • MachoMan
    MachoMan Hace 6 meses +73

    Young people? I know my niece is "young people " has a job straight A's and volunteers to help the elderly on some weekends ,it's not "young people" it's certain kinds of people period. Young old it doesn't matter EVIL is EVIL raise your kids right but than again if the parents weren't raised right then how do you think the "young people " will turn out ,some people should not breed

    • Lp
      Lp Hace 6 meses

      Love your comment.

    • tyson minlo
      tyson minlo Hace 6 meses

      she was referring to the young people not making good choices or good decisions.

    • Sandi B
      Sandi B Hace 6 meses


  • rob weber
    rob weber Hace 6 meses +214

    Upholding stereotypes four deeds at a time.

    • William Anderson
      William Anderson Hace 4 meses +1

      @straightup truth always playing the victim.

    • David Silvercreek
      David Silvercreek Hace 6 meses

      @redd1911 It is the only thing you and yours ever created... Without it you have nothing...

    • Jay bone218
      Jay bone218 Hace 6 meses


    • redd1911
      redd1911 Hace 6 meses

      @Star rider Why is there no such thing as racism?

  • Yan Shawn
    Yan Shawn Hace 6 meses +44

    What do you expect in such pro-criminal society?

  • Hey There
    Hey There Hace 6 meses +54

    Blame everyone else, never hold your own accountable, and act like you care about the violence (never did when your own was into the lifestyle).

  • Joe T
    Joe T Hace 6 meses +7

    Death Penalty… You take a life you forfeit yours! Hold criminals accountable!

  • Solmom03
    Solmom03 Hace 6 meses +143

    But they either are raising themselves or being raised wrong and directionless. Either way. Sad.

    • Cheryl Barker
      Cheryl Barker Hace 6 meses

      Hopefully they’re behind bars for the rest of their natural life 🔥🔥

    • NOIR
      NOIR Hace 6 meses

      @ThePriam3 yup

    • Based F
      Based F Hace 6 meses +1

      @Sewer Tapes truth hurt that bad jogger?

    • Sandi B
      Sandi B Hace 6 meses +1

      @Mommy T He just told the truth, nobody is racist!!

    • Sandi B
      Sandi B Hace 6 meses

      @Ontheroxxwithsalt Your right, You really cracked me up with the jiffy pop bag. ❤

  • trent lothringer
    trent lothringer Hace 6 meses +44

    Honestly cant say I'm surprised of the suspects

  • Gypsy
    Gypsy Hace 6 meses +8

    My heart breaks for the family. Praying for comfort and healing. 🙏😞

  • darkside1473jd
    darkside1473jd Hace 6 meses +1

    My deepest condolences go out to the families these are kids who were throwing their lives away for nothing

  • Da Package
    Da Package Hace 6 meses +134

    U talking bout that Lil dude holding all them guns was a good kid. Yeah right!!

    • Dawn Wells
      Dawn Wells Hace 6 meses

      @Ghostmove242 you're no laughing stock, you're no laughing matter, you matter.

    • B hall
      B hall Hace 6 meses

      @les fleurs
      "And as I watched her drive away down that long familiar road, her hair waved in the dusty wind, red tail lights fading in the darkening distance.. I thought I saw her finger raised to the world.. and a voice I barely knew.. "F you world!!"
      Enjoy your martini Miss!

  • Shasha Collins
    Shasha Collins Hace 6 meses +95

    To all the young black men and women ages 25 & under who do these evil things, since you guy's aren't taking this killing one another all day, every second of the day seriously. I would suggest you take a picture of your so called friends,because at this rate our culture will be extinct! Life is not a game nor is it to be taken for granted. May God have mercy on us all 🙌🏽!

  • Josie Dudouit
    Josie Dudouit Hace 6 meses +8

    Allegedly he was taunting others on social media while at the funeral, they took the bait and came for him? That's so sad😔💔
    ...two wrongs don't make a right!

  • Crappo
    Crappo Hace 6 meses

    Condolences to you and your family it’s unbelievable

  • KBoss Nyra
    KBoss Nyra Hace 6 meses +81

    These youngstas are out of control just terrible

    • B hall
      B hall Hace 6 meses

      @Monique Johnson
      I'm so glad for you. You have a great attitude & I hope you have a long, happy & healthy life. You deserve goodness. Stay safe Dear Monique

    • KBoss Nyra
      KBoss Nyra Hace 6 meses

      @Matthew Battle Real Talk

    • Matthew Battle
      Matthew Battle Hace 6 meses +1

      Its some OG's feeding into this madness. Its also these people in high places using Facebook and Instagram to make money off of people's conflict.

    • TheRealZJE313
      TheRealZJE313 Hace 6 meses +2

      @B hall what!!!! That's one of the curses dude having different women and getting them pregnant and leaving them single mothers.

  • DC keepitcute
    DC keepitcute Hace 6 meses +1

    Prayers and condolences to the families. So very sad and I also pray for our youths for change in Jesus Mighty Name Amen and 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Paw C
    Paw C Hace 6 meses +23

    So much pain, Dad was there for his son! Dam, I feel so bad for him! Always Droopy eyes usual suspects!

  • C Me
    C Me Hace 6 meses +8

    Violence is being glorified in all forums, everywhere you look. These people think it's cool to go out and commit horrific acts as if it's something to be proud of. We'll see how proud they are once it sinks in that taking a life means they've forfeited theirs.

  • Lela Brown
    Lela Brown Hace 6 meses

    My prayers and condolences to the family 🥲 so sorry for ur loss💕🙏🏾💕

  • FastMoney Boy9
    FastMoney Boy9 Hace 6 meses +1

    Man his folks should’ve never been on live arguing with his opps while you at a funeral… smh that whole situation is terrible. Rip to both of the friends & hopefully the cousin makes a smooth recovery ❤️‍🩹. 💯🙏🏾

  • Ricardo Lozano
    Ricardo Lozano Hace 6 meses +41

    These cops are out of control... wait a minute.. never mind

      THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY Hace 6 meses +1

      @Vezzy The Rippa It's only killing the thieves.
      You got a problem with that?

      THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY Hace 6 meses

      @tyson minlo Oh, you haven't been paying attention to the recent election results? It's on the way back.
      You'll get it in the 2022 elections.

      THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY Hace 6 meses

      @B hall Then maybe Obama shouldn't have said it,...riiiggghhht?

  • Chuck Hodges
    Chuck Hodges Hace 6 meses +75

    They need to build these upstanding citizens a statue, that's the only thing that makes sense, that's what they've done so far for criminal thugs.

  • Miss Faith moore
    Miss Faith moore Hace 6 meses

    Damn shame! 🙏🏾 my deepest condolences 💐 to the victims families.. glad they got the bums responsible of the streets

  • Christine Dabreo
    Christine Dabreo Hace 6 meses

    The pain of this father is unbearable. May your son soul rest in eternal peace. Gone but will not be forgotten🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙

  • Adrienne Dickens
    Adrienne Dickens Hace 6 meses +13

    The african american young men are killing off their generation. The prisons and cemetaries its seems thats all these young men recognize. We are losing our young men and boys to violence.my heart ❤ goes out to the families
    Rip young man

  • P Dig
    P Dig Hace 6 meses +4

    My God people are at funerals mourning the death of their loved one , And now you gotta be worried about being shot people can't even mourn the loss without worrying !!!!

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez Hace 6 meses +3

    What really got my attention when I was in county jail I'm my early years how street dudes were always talking about taking another mans life and no remorse at all

  • What’sHisFace
    What’sHisFace Hace 6 meses +7

    You can feel it in the air, A backlash is coming……..

  • Angel Luevano
    Angel Luevano Hace 6 meses

    May that young man rest in peace. A tragic senseless death smh

  • Jacqueline Loverson
    Jacqueline Loverson Hace 6 meses +11

    It’s sad 😢 when all thy so call friends did the same stupid things to get them killed or locked 🔒 up they just not Learning nothing

  • Gor Pri
    Gor Pri Hace 6 meses +22

    I hope you're not one of those demanding police defunding!?

  • Kemeyartus Niki
    Kemeyartus Niki Hace 6 meses

    My 🙏 and condolences are with the loved ones of these young people.

  • Woop
    Woop Hace 6 meses +116

    New life expectancy for the little ganstas is now 20

  • Eric Lunn
    Eric Lunn Hace 6 meses +1

    They are soulless, rest in peace young man 🙏😔🙏🇦🇺

  • The FU Crew Channel
    The FU Crew Channel Hace 6 meses +31

    She said that they don't have any respect for life.......you can only blame your people, the parents and grandparents that didn't teach them those good morals and values, courage, honor, pride, virtues, ethics, etc...

    • Money Gang Businezz
      Money Gang Businezz Hace 6 meses +1

      @The FU Crew Channel I speaking from experience so it's not an excuse cause my parents raised me right and I still chose to do what I wanted to do. U can be taught all the good shit in the world u still have free will and thinking

    • The FU Crew Channel
      The FU Crew Channel Hace 6 meses +1

      @Michael Planchunas, sorry, not sorry, but that is not an excuse.
      There are plenty of single moms, like mine, that raised good children that don't commit crimes, and actually do/did good things for their communities and society overall.
      Stop making excuses for bad behavior and weak-minded and weak-willed people.

    • The FU Crew Channel
      The FU Crew Channel Hace 6 meses

      @Money Gang Businezz, that is a lie.
      That means that they are not teaching their children how to have self-esteem, and the courage to be and do good.
      Sorry, but you just make excuses for them.

    • Michael Planchunas
      Michael Planchunas Hace 6 meses +3

      You can't have a stable family life when you're one of four kids with different fathers and grandmothers, each with a different last name. The dad shows up only for his kid, if ever, and ignores the others.

    • Money Gang Businezz
      Money Gang Businezz Hace 6 meses +2

      U can teach a child all that and they still have to make they own choice in life alot of these come from families that have taught all those that u speak of once they get a hold to the streets it eat them up

  • clean R/T
    clean R/T Hace 6 meses +6

    How do u not know your child is out there in the street. Lack of parenting 💯

  • Carolyn Buchanan
    Carolyn Buchanan Hace 6 meses +47

    Its not the system. Its us not listening to God. When we read He is telling us what to do.

  • DYKB Non Profit 501c3
    DYKB Non Profit 501c3 Hace 6 meses +17

    We are the dry bones, lord speak unto us and bring us back!!!!

    • Tacianna Manns
      Tacianna Manns Hace un mes

      g su pl h w u dy have a 3rd and 3rd

    • DYKB Non Profit 501c3
      DYKB Non Profit 501c3 Hace 6 meses +1

      @Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite the 400 years are up. Pray those around you. Remember he chose us, that’s the only reason we have a way.

    • Juliet Diaz
      Juliet Diaz Hace 6 meses

      @Newyoricanlevite Newyoricanlevite true

  • Sumaru _
    Sumaru _ Hace 6 meses +20

    It's ego. I'm from Arkansas, NWA specifically, home of wal-mart. Got some local rappers who i went to hs with claiming they're from the ghetto, and carry glocks and whatnot. When in HS they were the skating/emo kids and not about that life.

    • Sumaru _
      Sumaru _ Hace 6 meses

      @Thunderbyrd Ego, dudes always tryna prove something.

    • Thunderbyrd
      Thunderbyrd Hace 6 meses

      It's gangs, actually.

  • Jim Rr
    Jim Rr Hace 6 meses +3

    All of this "hope and change" is amazing

  • Charles Lynch
    Charles Lynch Hace 6 meses

    So sad !! Rest In Peace 🙏🖤🕊

  • Mr JJ
    Mr JJ Hace 6 meses +20

    Really, without bond! It’s about time we start doing the right thing!

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell Hace 5 meses +1

      @cat face that's why I said what I said!!!!

    • cat face
      cat face Hace 5 meses

      On this same group of videos ..shakenya got bond for shooting into a crowd...w.t.h. ?

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell Hace 6 meses +1

      @Ivan Podgorney not if that was my boy!! the safest place would be to stay behind those walls!!! I don't ever feel sorry for any CRIMINALS!! there is always a better way to live life... (They all knew right from WRONG) but did it anyway...

    • Ivan Podgorney
      Ivan Podgorney Hace 6 meses +1

      Until the next day when the DA gets back in the office. Then they'll be out......

  • Anthology Of Death
    Anthology Of Death Hace 6 meses +36

    Stereotypes confirming stereotypes on crime at a time.

    • kmax bent
      kmax bent Hace 6 meses +1

      @Darlene Jackson yes thats true, but the point is, there is a specific group snd culture thats needs addressed to stop these daily killings of another. The data shows theres an obvious issue that needs help .

    • Darlene Jackson
      Darlene Jackson Hace 6 meses

      Oh no oh my …… Jesus is Lord

  • David Schlecht
    David Schlecht Hace 6 meses +2

    Praying for family's on the mainland. We Love each other more than you do. Aloha Love from Hawaii and I. Dave

  • AB Mia
    AB Mia Hace 6 meses +41

    “We’re literary hunting at funerals errday.” LeUndertaker James.

  • Cheryl Scott
    Cheryl Scott Hace 6 meses

    My deepest condolences praying for the family

  • Gator
    Gator Hace 6 meses +38

    This is why the prisons are full of them. But they say it's the system.

    • 4oreignBeauti
      4oreignBeauti Hace 6 meses +1

      @Foundational Black American1526 it as nothing to do with that but just bad parenting! My mom is a single mom and I’m not like this at all. It’s just about them being parents and not knowing their responsibilities!

    • 4oreignBeauti
      4oreignBeauti Hace 6 meses +1

      @MR IV 💯having kids it’s not for everyone if you don’t know your responsibilities!!!!

    • Foundational Black American1526
      Foundational Black American1526 Hace 6 meses +1

      @Tiffany Ingram It's single motherhood

    • Tiffany Ingram
      Tiffany Ingram Hace 6 meses +1

      It's both

    • Jeff Lee
      Jeff Lee Hace 6 meses +3

      Well it will be better once all the popo is gone brutha!!! Daze our enomees

  • Mandy Ingram
    Mandy Ingram Hace 6 meses

    🙏🏻😔praying for the family.

  • Thor2020
    Thor2020 Hace 6 meses +35

    Same old culprits. Long hard look in the mirror is a good place to start. Chickens have come home to roost.

  • The Irritated Irishman
    The Irritated Irishman Hace 6 meses +24

    At a funeral no less! Yeah LeBron it’s all everyone else’s fault.

  • Gurn Blanston
    Gurn Blanston Hace 6 meses +36

    Why didn't they interview any of the fathers?

    • Petros Bechet
      Petros Bechet Hace 5 meses

      @Drwwli I've been saying that all along.

    • Andre Lee
      Andre Lee Hace 6 meses +1

      One dead and other one didn't want to talk them

    • Drwwli
      Drwwli Hace 6 meses +4

      or the preachers who got our people ignorant!!!

  • Felicia Johns
    Felicia Johns Hace 5 meses

    RIP to the victims and condolences

  • Howard Lightfoot
    Howard Lightfoot Hace 6 meses

    Prayers to the families affected 🙏

  • skankhunt42 skankhunt42
    skankhunt42 skankhunt42 Hace 6 meses +31

    Seems to be a right of passage for the "ignint"

  • Lovie Brown
    Lovie Brown Hace 3 meses +1

    I stay inside. This is a scary ass world . My deepest condolences to another victim of gun violence.

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg Hace 6 meses +3

    Wow such quick police 👮🏿 work thank you for putting these criminals behind Barz

  • DoNotSupport TerroristGroups

    Just send a card, just send flowers because there are some funerals you should never attend.

  • RICHARD Phillips
    RICHARD Phillips Hace 6 meses +9

    Just tell the law they was bullying you. And you can get away with it.

  • Terry Bane
    Terry Bane Hace 6 meses +5

    Imagine our surprise. This is typical.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Hace 6 meses +2

    The ultimate disrespect 😤 shooting someone at a funeral
    I can't blame this on rap music. I started out with Too Short and Ice cubes gangster rap in the early 90,s I'm 59 and I'm yet to pick up a gun and shoot someone everyone knows right from wrong. SIMPLE AS THAT!@@ condolences to the family 👪

  • M W
    M W Hace 6 meses +2

    Listen to that RAP 24/7 and sooner or later some will act on it. You raised those kids, if they have no morals or respect IT’S YOUR FAULT!!

  • Dr. Tripp
    Dr. Tripp Hace 6 meses +6

    And im supposed to support and march with black lives matter....well until that shit matter to us im just gonna mind my business and stick to my family. I'm tired of this shit

  • Nor-Cal Transparency
    Nor-Cal Transparency Hace 6 meses +38

    “We literally out here talking about how our lives matter more than anyone else’s, erry goddamned muffukin day” - LeDumbDumb James

    • Asahn J. Smith
      Asahn J. Smith Hace 6 meses +2

      The #origins of WHY this happens, is the answer. Foh!

  • Nate H
    Nate H Hace 6 meses +18

    If you don't want to be stereotyped, then STOP being the stereotype. Not a difficult concept.

    • Nate H
      Nate H Hace 6 meses

      @Linda Thank you Linda! You too!

    • Nate H
      Nate H Hace 6 meses +1

      @Linda I respect your work ethic Linda. As I am a black man, I can say that I am not simply an outsider looking in. Everyone's experience is different, I acknowledge that. However, in my life, I have received more judgment from other black people than from white people. I can't tell you how many times in my life I have had other black people say to me "Look at you...trying to be somebody." You're right, I am somebody! I am somebody who has CHOSEN to educate myself, work hard, contribute to my community, be a foster parent, and set a positive example. Apparently that rubs a lot of black people the wrong way since they see me as "acting white," and because they are stuck in the "victim everyone is a racist" mentality. When the Black community starts to eradicate that mentality and accepts that each of us has the power to choose to BE, regardless of other's beliefs, and act accordingly, we hopefully will start to see progress in eradicating the stereotypes.

  • Oregon Crow
    Oregon Crow Hace 6 meses +28

    Yea, I bet the kid was a real gem.

    • big vito
      big vito Hace 6 meses +1

      @Colleen Adams Brian Laundrie shot someone at a funeral?

    • Colleen Adams
      Colleen Adams Hace 6 meses +1

      Yeah just like Brian Laundrie!

  • Jack
    Jack Hace 6 meses +2

    Let's just make prison a happy place instead of a place were you never want to go back too again.

  • Raydogg
    Raydogg Hace 5 meses +1

    Prayers for the family

  • Melissa Day
    Melissa Day Hace 6 meses +7

    "Theae people don't have any respect "
    You're correct ma'am!

    • Darlene Jackson
      Darlene Jackson Hace 6 meses

      Ma ‘am forgot to mention Man heart is desperately and deceitfully wicked…. Man must strive to take on the characteristic of Jesus Christ

  • Cajun Boy Trucking!!
    Cajun Boy Trucking!! Hace 6 meses +5

    So much in denial and justification in these comments, things will never change

  • Chris Jolivette
    Chris Jolivette Hace 6 meses +1

    Man so sad, I remember when you had to throw hands to earn stripes in the 80s-90s

  • Antigua Zuell Williams
    Antigua Zuell Williams Hace 6 meses +67

    2 Timothy 3:1-5
    Amplified Bible
    “Difficult Times Will Come”
    3 But understand this, that in the last days dangerous times [of great stress and trouble] will come [difficult days that will be hard to bear]. 2 For people will be lovers of self [narcissistic, self-focused], lovers of money [impelled by greed], boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy and profane, 3 [and they will be] unloving [devoid of natural human affection, calloused and inhumane], irreconcilable, malicious gossips, devoid of self-control [intemperate, immoral], brutal, haters of good, 4 traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of [sensual] pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of [outward] godliness (religion), although they have denied its power [for their conduct nullifies their claim of faith]. Avoid such people and keep far away from them.

    • Dealz4U 1987
      Dealz4U 1987 Hace 6 meses

      @Fwea Boi 💯🙏🏽

    • Fwea Boi
      Fwea Boi Hace 6 meses +1

      Prewritten💯clear as day that we living in the days rn. We really dont have much time left. REPENT💯I keep seeing and hearing that word every where I go.

    • Samia K
      Samia K Hace 6 meses

      @Bob Roberts God serves those who help themselves.

    • Samia K
      Samia K Hace 6 meses

      Amen. This is my favorite and most relevant scripture right now. 🙏

    • Dealz4U 1987
      Dealz4U 1987 Hace 6 meses +5

      Yes this scripture sums it all up so well, nothing but the truth right here.

  • Sandi B
    Sandi B Hace 6 meses +1

    My God can't all the parents in that town have a community meeting n try to get something going for the kids to look forward to instead of all this violence?? Anything is worth trying, show the kids some Love n Respect n it might sink in. 🙏🙏

  • Matthew Rzeszutko
    Matthew Rzeszutko Hace 6 meses +4

    Low intelligence, high emotions and no concept of concequences.

  • Lynn
    Lynn Hace 6 meses +1

    Man it’s fkn ridiculous when you can’t even go to a funeral & pay your respects w/o somebody acting a damn fool!

  • Crispus Attics
    Crispus Attics Hace 6 meses +3

    Look at his videos on ESclips “lil emmit “. So the assault rifles and glocks and talking bout killing ppl and smoking dead ops had nothing to do with it. He sure fooled me cuz I thought he was a super savage. People stop being so gullible and play a bigger role in your kids life. True indeed, shit happens but some shit can be prevented. Nevertheless R.I.P. to the young man who lost his life

  • pistolp01
    pistolp01 Hace 6 meses +3

    18 year's old and going/should be going to prison for the rest of his life. Was it SERIOUSLY worth it? I'd sure love to hear your reason.

  • Tina Williams
    Tina Williams Hace 6 meses

    Thank God these young man r getting justice

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward Hace 6 meses +7

    I don't know how anyone is going to be able to get through to all those angry young black teenagers with no parents, they're pissed off and they want someone to pay, seems like there's nothing anyone can do and it's because of the parents. Baby daddy is probably doing life without parole somewhere

    THIRTEEN Hace 6 meses +13

    Let me guess, well yeah it makes sense.. Sad

  • tyson minlo
    tyson minlo Hace 6 meses

    young and old, please make good decisions. putting those guns away is a good start. RIP young man with the great personality.

  • Raymond Lucero
    Raymond Lucero Hace 6 meses +1

    And in a split second one dies, one injured, a family destroyed. And and the shooters lives over. Senseless to kill over a petty beef. Especially when it was done at a funeral. The kids today have no clue,sense, direction or remorse. Killing just because that want to be someone who will be forgotten about by his "friends" while rotting away in prison.

  • Tom'z ghost
    Tom'z ghost Hace 4 meses

    Praying for Memphis 🙏

  • Ty H
    Ty H Hace 6 meses +3

    He was on live saying those guys weren’t going to do anything then boom they really did something.

  • theGoat
    theGoat Hace 6 meses +1

    You cant act like these youngins aint in the streets doing that. They do all this social media shit and then karma comes through it switches to everybody being good kids. Parents be cool w it when they kid taking care of them with dirty money but it dont be worth a kids life. We gotta do better as parents.

  • Johnny Jackson
    Johnny Jackson Hace 6 meses

    No bond!! Life in prison....prayers. Go out to the family rip my little brother in Christ.

  • Delores Roary
    Delores Roary Hace 6 meses

    this is so sad sorry for yall loss Rip young man from Baltimore M.D 🙏 for the family and friends ❤

  • Øbi
    Øbi Hace 6 meses +71

    we out here hunting each other at our own funerals - Lebrown Stains

    • Andre Lee
      Andre Lee Hace 6 meses

      They wasn't hunting at no funeral they know the dude who funeral they was at paying they respect

    • Israel 4REEL
      Israel 4REEL Hace 6 meses +2

      Here’s the Solution, return back to your God Yahawa and start keeping his Holy commandments and he will put the curses 🤬 on your enemies which are the Heathen Gentile nations that put you into slavery and have you in derision.

    • Jack Farrell
      Jack Farrell Hace 6 meses +3

      We need a solution

  • 1017DBO Thomas
    1017DBO Thomas Hace 6 meses

    Damn this happens on my birthday smh damn and I got shot 5 times but I'm ok the kid who did it he was scared to fight me one on one him and his buddy