Dashcam Video: Arkansas Police Chase and Shooting

  • Publicado el 26 ago 2018
  • Tense and dangerous moments caught on a West Memphis, Arkansas police dash camera during a chase involving an accused shoplifter on a busy interstate during rush hour on May 21, 2018.

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  • Annabel Casey
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    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
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    Sorprendente .

  • Greg Bach
    Greg Bach Hace 2 años +910

    That first box in was a thing of beauty, excellent driving. Too bad for the gap.

    • Paul Thompson
      Paul Thompson Hace 4 meses +1

      @Click this channel for hot [redacted] #2 I'm sure I nailed it on the head. No other reason for your stupid comments.

    • Cat
      Cat Hace 4 meses

      @Paul Thompson are you 12?

    • Cat
      Cat Hace 4 meses

      @Lieutenant Cricket manchild

  • TXLionHeart
    TXLionHeart Hace 2 años +892

    Corrected title: "How to increase your one week jail sentence to life-in-prison in 3 easy steps."

    • 7daze
      7daze Hace 2 años

      The Titanic could have sailed through that gap...

    • Liberty Prime
      Liberty Prime Hace 2 años

      Defense Attorneys hate him!!! ------> *CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHY!*

    • Ydjcj Bdyfu
      Ydjcj Bdyfu Hace 2 años

      Not if your white thoe

    • patmowag41
      patmowag41 Hace 2 años

      @Sushi Tell that to all the washed up junkies out there. You know, the people who were not afraid to take drugs and knew it all.

  • NativeWolf
    NativeWolf Hace 2 años +163

    The moment you shoot at the cops, your life on the outside is pretty much over.

    • Kobe Mendoza
      Kobe Mendoza Hace 6 meses

      Not if you drop the gun I don’t think you know how it works

    • Grant Vogel
      Grant Vogel Hace 8 meses

      @Ydjcj Bdyfu You don’t understand how the word works.

    • Ydjcj Bdyfu
      Ydjcj Bdyfu Hace 2 años

      @Sasori was dead can't light you up

    • Frank
      Frank Hace 2 años +4

      @Ydjcj Bdyfu If you are white what?

  • Basshead Kev
    Basshead Kev Hace 3 años +2

    Great pursuit and containment by the officers. Well done

  • CodeRedDefense.com
    CodeRedDefense.com Hace 2 años +55

    Damn that was a CRAZY chase!

  • danaya1202
    danaya1202 Hace 8 meses +5

    My dad (God rest his soul) lived in West Memphis for 30 years. He loved it there, at first, and married my beautiful stepmom there. In Later years he despised West Memphis... the crime had increased beyond belief. My dad intended to move away from West Memphis when my stepmom retired from banking. Sadly he passed away last year and never got away. I miss you dad

    • Mrs Hatton
      Mrs Hatton Hace 14 días

      @Ljubisav Madzgalj not if he’s in West Memphis… I wouldn’t want to be stuck there dead or alive.

    • Mrs Hatton
      Mrs Hatton Hace 14 días

      @Chris W how can you make that ASSUMPTION???? That’s a sad way of thinking… so you believe people with good parents can’t do bad things?? 😂🤣 What world are YOU living in sir?

    • Chris W
      Chris W Hace 23 días

      Well, that was nice of you to share. Sorry how these crimes, not just in Memphis can always seem to be issues wherever we go. Those Dads, we sure miss them when they are gone. Sure miss mine over 20 years later. People like the punk running from the police in this video never had good fathers I don’t believe, or mothers.

    • Ljubisav Madzgalj
      Ljubisav Madzgalj Hace un mes +2

      My condolences I am so sorry to hear that he is in a good place

    • Drivin n Flyin
      Drivin n Flyin Hace 5 meses +2

      im so sorry to hear that may your dad rest in peace

  • Ashlie Day
    Ashlie Day Hace un mes +28

    23:23 -Hermosa elección- 4.Fo/Hotlove
    10:10 Hopi: ″Sweeter″
    11:12 Sun: ″Hotter″
    00:18 Toonie: ″Cooler″
    18:00 Yoongy: ″Butter″
    23:23 /Son unos de los mejores conciertos ☬/

  • Zeus De Niro
    Zeus De Niro Hace 2 años +35


    • Glenn Eirik Hansen
      Glenn Eirik Hansen Hace 2 años

      How about not letting everybody have a gun?

    • Zeus De Niro
      Zeus De Niro Hace 2 años


    • Jackson Curry
      Jackson Curry Hace 2 años +3

      Lol also people need to learn when cops or shots are being fired stop driving so you don’t get caught in the crossfire

    • Rude Rocky
      Rude Rocky Hace 2 años

      Well if they weren’t innocent they’d be suspects/accessories

  • deekamikaze
    deekamikaze Hace 3 años +12

    This was some great driving to keep him from going too fast. It was really risky but helped keep the public out of harm's way of a giant speeding bullet.

    • Don Bates
      Don Bates Hace 3 años

      Crucifix is too difficult to coordinate and requires too much skill. A PIT is much simpler and just requires the right environment. Most of PIT training is when not to perform it.

  • HuMzO _
    HuMzO _ Hace 2 años +167

    2:21 he pulled a GTA move right there. Stop so the cops exit then speed off

  • D.A. Hänks
    D.A. Hänks Hace 2 años +1

    123 mph surrounded by flashing lights and sirens. The fastest I've ever been with lights in front and behind was 103, and it was during a funeral procession a couple months back (it was 15 miles long and we were trying to catch up). I honestly did not know my Nissan Versa hatchback would go that fast. Incidentally, my magnetic mounted roof light was only rated for 45 mph. and thankfully it did not fly off, or it would have gone straight through the windshield of the cruiser behind me. Very embarrassing to say the least.

  • Brian Gary
    Brian Gary Hace 3 años +6

    Having enough officers and excellent tactics brought this chase to an end very quickly. Great job PD. 👍

  • Richard Baker
    Richard Baker Hace 2 años +5

    Officers put there life on the line every day. Hope they were ok.

  • wattsmichaele
    wattsmichaele Hace 3 años +3

    Excellent chase skills by those Arkansas officers. A lot more people could have been hurt during the chase. Thank you for your service officers.

  • Zaltic
    Zaltic Hace 2 años +1

    Excellent work by these officers

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry Hace 3 años +624

    The driver, Roger Clinton, 47, was from Memphis, Tenn. He died as a result of the chase.
    If he wouldn't have ran, he wouldn't have got shot. The shooting was a direct result of the chase.
    He didn't get shot for shoplifting. He got shot because he did not stop and a chase resulted. The chase led to the shooting. So the shooting was a direct result of the chase. Or do I need to repeat something here for clarity?

    • PathosFear
      PathosFear Hace un año

      @Darrell Borland Those are the causes of criminality, yes. Your point?

    • Chad Waite
      Chad Waite Hace un año


    • Linton Kwezi
      Linton Kwezi Hace un año

      No. Running from the cops is not assaulting them, so I dont see why you gotta get bodied for doing it.

    • Richard warren
      Richard warren Hace 2 años +1

      @Larry Be They must be related to the Clinton crime family.

    • Brittney
      Brittney Hace 2 años

      Andrew Russell have you stopped going to kkk rallies 🤔

  • METRO autos Racing
    METRO autos Racing Hace 2 años

    I applaud the police for their good work

  • thangquocnguyenmdp
    thangquocnguyenmdp Hace 3 años +23

    Justice has been served. Case closed. Give the officer a medal. He sure saves a lot of tax money.

  • Chris Gordon
    Chris Gordon Hace 2 años

    This is total insanity on the PD part. How many times do they go through an intersection against a red light? In many jurisdictions, stupid chases like this are called off. They are too dangerous for the public and the officers.

  • Viewierprime 456
    Viewierprime 456 Hace 2 años +19

    That semi driver at the end got all the action

  • MrPLC999
    MrPLC999 Hace 2 años +3

    Wow!! I've never seen the police so aggressive with a runaway driver. Good stuff!
    I think it's time to start unloading clips into a chase vehicle at earliest opportunity. Put an end to it to protect the public.

  • Leslie Prigmore
    Leslie Prigmore Hace 2 años +2

    Escalating a shoplifting offense to this level shows extremely poor judgment on the behalf of the police. A lot of civilians lives were put to unnecessary risk. They had the perpetrators tag number and could have tracked him down easily.

  • Charlotte Ruse
    Charlotte Ruse Hace 3 años

    Whoa that was intense. Amazing execution by the officers!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Hace 3 años +1

    I’ve had 60 chases and never pulled in front of a bad guy. You’re basically putting your back to him. PIT maneuver or spikes, sure. And at the end these coppers left cover and ran up to the car. Crazy law enforcement in the south

  • Jorge millenia
    Jorge millenia Hace 3 años +1

    This police are well trained and done job right
    Hope no officers 👮‍♀️ are injured 🤕
    Love how quick this went to stop 🛑 the chase

  • Eyezzzonly
    Eyezzzonly Hace 3 años

    Good work guys. Stay safe.

  • Jeff Rielley
    Jeff Rielley Hace 3 años +11

    4:47 Cop almost falls to his death.

  • Monsiemage
    Monsiemage Hace 2 años

    It's sad to see this, at the beginning I noticed the hotels I saw rarely going to the casino there some times. Met a lot of good people from West Memphis, sad to say. I used to think A lot more crime was going on in Arkansas, but if you look at the crime statistics, nothing has changed. Gun violence has increased greatly everywhere, the crime statistics have not changed here per national average.
    Were turning back into the wild west, in this state it's legal to do so, so if you are a law abiding citizen carry a firearm during travel, just like the wild west, the problem will kill it'self out naturally.
    Arkansas learned this during the 90's in Little Rock, I know a couple of people who survived the streets there, and trust me, crime kills it'self out, and the survivors are happy they are away from it.

  • Mu Kler Soe
    Mu Kler Soe Hace un año

    This is the reason why I want to be a cop

  • Crazy Buttboarding Guy
    Crazy Buttboarding Guy Hace 2 años +2

    you never really believe this happens until you see it either in real life or footage on here, kinda surreal..

  • Bernardo Vellapasibi
    Bernardo Vellapasibi Hace 2 años

    Good job officers!!!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith Hace 3 años

    It amazes me that these other states train officers to get in front or to the side of the suspects vehicle during the pursuit, not knowing if he is armed.
    In My city we get into tons of Officer Involved Shootings and these tactics would put us at a crazy disadvantage.

  • Starshine
    Starshine Hace 3 años +127

    Was I the only one screaming out loud at my phone screen?? I was like " GET HIM, GET HIM, OMG SO CLOSE, YESSS"
    They attempt to box him in......and he cuts through them like nope today. I screamed "NOOO!!!"

    • Tincho Costa
      Tincho Costa Hace un año

      Lol! Same to me!

    • ilyes elgares
      ilyes elgares Hace 2 años +1

      you're rooting for the wrong team...

    • Tangled Shoelace
      Tangled Shoelace Hace 2 años

      Exactly!! Iwas like come on guys!! There he goes!!😀😁

    • Michael Cox
      Michael Cox Hace 2 años +1

      Spoken like someone who knows life only through video games

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 3 años +1

    Wow, damn good driving officers! These guys should go train other departments.

    • Karen Bartlett
      Karen Bartlett Hace 2 años

      Yes, I thought their driving was terrific.very scary stuff.

  • John Stilwell
    John Stilwell Hace 3 años

    We need to start pushing our lawmakers to pass laws that allow police to end these chases with deadly force. Way to many innocent lives are put in danger and sometimes taken because of some criminal that doesn't care about anyone but him/herself.

  • teel6060
    teel6060 Hace 3 años +1

    Some of the worst police driving I've seen, they blew it at least twice. :(

  • Arkansas Locomotive Works

    I never thought that would happen, I used to drive through there all the time.

  • tiredlawdog
    tiredlawdog Hace 2 años +1

    I don't think I have ever seen a "chase" where you let the bandit get behind you!! Boys need some extensive training in this matter.

  • captfalconxy
    captfalconxy Hace 3 años

    @2:22 The officer on the right could have lost his leg if that driver rammed to the officer's driver's door before anyone could pull out their gun.

  • Craig Parker
    Craig Parker Hace 2 años +1

    This police department doesn't play. Outstanding job.

  • plshaq2009
    plshaq2009 Hace 10 meses +6

    The “box-in” technique has to be one of the best ideas I’ve seen!

  • Flighter1278
    Flighter1278 Hace 3 años +1

    You got to admit, that was a slick move to go between the two police vehicles like that.

  • Brandon Santiago
    Brandon Santiago Hace 3 años +19

    That is the most aggressive chase I have ever seen in my life lol

      HØØP AŁŁY Hace 3 años +1

      Then ima assume this is the first you’ve seen?

  • Schmitt Djeson
    Schmitt Djeson Hace 3 años +232

    *wow, trucker is a good samaritan.*

    • julie pattison
      julie pattison Hace 2 años

      @td7344 No some are a great help for the authorities. And yes they can see everything and are communicating to each other and others. Also, with cell phones and license they can call them for assisstance/help.

    • td7344
      td7344 Hace 2 años +1

      @Llama Cebu I always thought they look over due to boredom

    • Bombastic Lova Lova
      Bombastic Lova Lova Hace 2 años

      @Thatsswell2012 jk. I don't have the nerves to do that. But on the real there are sick people out there!😡😡

    • michael willis
      michael willis Hace 2 años

      Truck ain’t play shit. That dude macked out

    • Thatsswell2012
      Thatsswell2012 Hace 2 años +2

      @Bombastic Lova Lova You better not. What if he is a rapist? :)

  • M C
    M C Hace 2 años +10

    Police need to work on their "box in" skills, every damn video!

  • J. Settle
    J. Settle Hace 3 años +3

    Nice work by those guys!!

  • Wes Fregerio
    Wes Fregerio Hace un año +6

    This was a thrilling experience for my right ear.

  • EpicFishFingers
    EpicFishFingers Hace 3 años +323

    Should have had him at 2:20 but the cop in front rolled too far forwards

    • C Hardin
      C Hardin Hace 2 años

      It’s the mirrors that throws everything off. Things seem closer.

    • Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan
      Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan Hace 2 años

      TheCobruhAlienat0r scared to bump him but not scared to shoot him tf

    • b Blakethewolfgamer
      b Blakethewolfgamer Hace 2 años

      @DJ_Lil_M Well, they don't mind, but imagine the price for the damn department to get them repaired.

    • b Blakethewolfgamer
      b Blakethewolfgamer Hace 2 años

      @Marshall Loveday I agree man.

  • Dr. Tim X Liss
    Dr. Tim X Liss Hace 2 años +1

    Some cops are just unfropesional sometimes tsk tsk

  • Park Ave
    Park Ave Hace 3 años +1

    Imagine flying vehicles evading cops. You rob a bank and then you confuse officers by flying away at low altitude


    If this kind of thing is now happening that often, then there's something wrong with society...

  • TBSandNFL
    TBSandNFL Hace 2 años

    Not on his side, but the way he just squeaked out of there was fucking hilarious.

  • Lewis V.
    Lewis V. Hace un año

    I agree with the actions of West Memphis PD. I would have done the same.

  • jon bush
    jon bush Hace 3 años

    Damn good driving!

  • mark2talk2u
    mark2talk2u Hace 2 años +2

    Why didn’t they physically pin the car against the concrete barrier ? It would have kept the suspect from escaping the first time.

  • Nick P
    Nick P Hace 2 años +182

    Suspect: I'll just slide on through this gap here, they won't even see it coming!

    • John Akridge
      John Akridge Hace un año

      @Tony Montana lol

    • Ronny Ngoriakl
      Ronny Ngoriakl Hace 2 años


    • Jose Morales Jimenez
      Jose Morales Jimenez Hace 2 años

      @Tony Montana@io4834t744ofo3irorirrototorororo74it3D34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo44ofo3irorirrototorororo44ofo3irorirrototorororoD 38t7DD44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t7D34t734t7D44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo844ofo3irorirrototorororo34t7D44ofo3irorirrototorororo44ofo3irorirrototorororoD34t7433i433i433i433i44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t7433iD44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t7433i433i44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t7433i44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t744ofo3irorirrototorororo44ofo3irorirrototorororo44ofo3irorirrototorororo34t734t7433i

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana Hace 2 años +2

      Cop: I'm working to 3 , let's pull on up sp he can slide thru the gap and this excitement will burn these last 3 hrs .

  • Ocean iPhone Repair (by Appointment Only)

    That cop is crazy jumping on back to the car right next to the edge of the overpass 🤦🏻‍♂️ could have fell right off

  • Rick Bullock
    Rick Bullock Hace 3 años +545

    Lots of comments on how it should have been done and mistakes. Looks easy when your sitting on your couch watching, a little more adrenaline going when your actually involved and especially when shots are fired.

    • julie pattison
      julie pattison Hace 2 años

      @MattHeaven I am curious what state you live in

    • julie pattison
      julie pattison Hace 2 años


    • Andrew Cardoso
      Andrew Cardoso Hace 2 años +2

      @MattHeaven This is all I can think as I watch this video. I can't believe this kind of pursuit SOP flies in that department.

    • fück öff
      fück öff Hace 2 años

      MattHeaven holy shit, you guys go to school and have to be certified to pit maneuver someone? that’s actually really dope

    • Don
      Don Hace 2 años

      Rick Bullock i love it the rush of chasing and running

  • Mj Steelers Nation
    Mj Steelers Nation Hace 3 años +1

    Has this tatic ever worked without the car being disabled? The police seemed as reckless as he was.

  • Come Eat With Sweets
    Come Eat With Sweets Hace 2 años +20

    Risking their lives to protect the public from people like this, may God bless police officers.

    • b Blakethewolfgamer
      b Blakethewolfgamer Hace 2 años

      @Kris Edwards Let this be a lesson not to start wars and arguments in comment sections. Learn to keep your stupidity thoughts to yourself, especially on a comment that was completely innocent.

    • b Blakethewolfgamer
      b Blakethewolfgamer Hace 2 años

      @Erock D at least someone else agrees dude.

  • Matt C
    Matt C Hace un año

    100 percent if they had the same car he would have gotten away. I know his a criminal but his driving skills were so sick

  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman Hace 3 años +3

    2:20. wow they totally out smarted those cops lol

  • Tiger Steele
    Tiger Steele Hace 3 años +3


  • Seadoo Cruiser
    Seadoo Cruiser Hace 3 años

    That was the most frustrating chase to watch!!

  • Moto DXB
    Moto DXB Hace 3 años

    Hero’s at work

  • Edi Gabrieli
    Edi Gabrieli Hace 2 años

    How can cops be so incompetents as not to know how to drive, I could have stop that guy by myself five times over.

    DABS N XANZ Hace 2 años

    that was crazy had my heart fucking racing

  • Canndypoo6453
    Canndypoo6453 Hace 2 años

    When they all tried to block him in & he took off threw the gap, the cop that was in the front of him literally had no idea wtf was going on for a minute lmaoo. He got out his car, pulled his gun, turned towards the car for a second, realized it wasn't there & then looked like he was so fed up with everything @ this point that he didnt even care how fast he took to get back in his car😂😂😂

  • SzBS
    SzBS Hace 3 años +1

    At 2:20 that was something out of GTA 😂 how cops get out at the same time and you flee the scene

  • Arthur T
    Arthur T Hace un año +2

    Those cops need more training on how to safely end a high speed pursuit on the highway. UK traffic police are much better than that.

  • Kenny Lenart
    Kenny Lenart Hace 8 meses

    I am Pro Police in every way
    BUT .....
    That was just an embarrassment !

  • Mr Mr
    Mr Mr Hace 2 años +1

    Good job officers high performence

  • Oldandwise
    Oldandwise Hace 3 años +1

    Damn those cops were bad. They couldn't even do a rolling roadblock right and that is cop driving 101.

  • Jack Brittain
    Jack Brittain Hace 2 años +1

    You know why this went on for so long? Lawyers. Logic is a thing of the past, the past, when we rolled up along side with 12g hanging out the window and ended the chase thusly.

  • Rose Hernandez
    Rose Hernandez Hace 3 años

    I love the police see they put there lifes for us lets respect them

  • bunberrier
    bunberrier Hace 3 años

    2:20 Escape delayed by 2 seconds to say " ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" in disbelief before accelerating away.

  • K
    K Hace un año

    What can only be described as incompetent police pursuit driving.
    I'm convinced one if not two suv cruisers purposely left escape gaps on two occasions during the 'boxing stop manoeuvre' of the subject vehicle in this incident just to prolong the chase.
    LEO's must be made do specialist driver training in pursuit termination on a regular basis not restricted to PIT.

  • JußtJammin 777
    JußtJammin 777 Hace 2 años +4

    This dude has definitely played his fair share of GTA

    GO RED KNIGHT Hace 2 años

    The police in the UK have boxed in so many cars,vans for some time now, and work as a team with a pack type mentally and use Stingers ( A bed of hollow spikes ) ANPR cameras to bring officers in to the area they need to be and can box in vehicles really well and make the highways/Motorways into a sterile zone so that the police hold back the traffic and then can deal with the suspects in a safer manner. But I also understand that if the driver was armed and boxed in, the police officers to the left or right of the block are almost face to face with the suspect and only a small gap between them.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M Hace 3 años +39

    Decent effort on the part of the police, but their fear of hitting the suspect vehicle allowed for the chase to continue. When the 3 car box was forming, hitting the suspect vehicle from behind will frequently result in taking the driver out of a " comfort zone " and I believe would have ended the chase earlier.
    In either case, this ended as it should have, another dirtbag deceased.

    • Karen Bartlett
      Karen Bartlett Hace 2 años

      @Mr Spork Yeah, they only lock up innocent, law-abiding people in America.

    • Ejay
      Ejay Hace 2 años +1

      @Mr Spork I ought to thank God every day for all the thigs, punks, killers and criminals that are fiddling away their years in penitentiary, to hell with 'em, they've earned their punishment and I'm sick of hearing talk on their behalf.

    • Sledge Hammer
      Sledge Hammer Hace 3 años +1

      Kevin m, the problem is most likely that they have very restrictive policies about ramming or pitting. That unfortunately restricts them to that ridiculous boxing in crap. If not, he would have been pitted much earlier.

    • portdawg52 Porter
      portdawg52 Porter Hace 3 años

      They were sharping up their skills! The car chase is probably the most adrenaline packed fun a cop could have!! Too often the driver gets shot though

  • Gardinia Han
    Gardinia Han Hace 2 años +2

    Best result at the end. We don't have to waste any tax payers' money to jail him for life. It costs over $60,000 to jail a prisoner for a year.

  • NC redbird
    NC redbird Hace 2 años

    Crazy some random stolen items were worth losing your life, freedom or killing of innocent people. I feel zero pity for these kinds of people

  • Shillman
    Shillman Hace 2 años

    Every truck driver knows EXACTLY where this is.

  • mark watts
    mark watts Hace 3 años +2

    NOT every cop is a natural driver.....not everyone can dance...you cant be taught these.

  • Cary Huff II
    Cary Huff II Hace 2 años

    Just to think I've been there so many times and to see it online is odd.

  • Jalen Nelson
    Jalen Nelson Hace un año

    Bruhh im just amazed at the driving skills

  • frank dracmann
    frank dracmann Hace 2 años

    Good job, thanks truck driver.

  • Johnny Mak
    Johnny Mak Hace 2 años

    Excellent shooting gentlemen. :)

  • Galen Ledbetter
    Galen Ledbetter Hace 2 años

    Congrats West Memphis...Awesome tutorial on how NOT to execute a rolling road block!! At-a-Boy to the truck driver.

  • Regina Disbrow
    Regina Disbrow Hace 3 años +4

    When they leave that damn wide-ass gap for an escape route, I always think: 'Keystone Cops'.

  • Gabrielle Mueske
    Gabrielle Mueske Hace 2 años +2

    Why does the cops always leave just enough room for suspect to drive threw?

  • Joe Brikha
    Joe Brikha Hace 3 años +3

    I love the gentle kid-glove pit maneuver the cop did towards the end. Did he learn this delicate art at the Hyatt Regency?

  • Johnny_K
    Johnny_K Hace 2 años


  • Shahbaz Khan
    Shahbaz Khan Hace un año

    This dude got driving skills

  • Steve Hensley
    Steve Hensley Hace 3 años

    Never stay on the interstate when you're being chased. Those "fast in a straight line"
    6500# station wagons would crash on t the country back roads trying to go to fast because they could. Three police vehicles down in 10 minutes and drive to the house and water the lawn.

  • Lynn Kayee
    Lynn Kayee Hace 2 años +17

    That semi was like, "Amateurs! Watch how it's done!"

  • Jake Brann
    Jake Brann Hace 2 años +2

    Yeah that's how to NOT box someone in!

  • Luat Tran
    Luat Tran Hace un año

    My Mom and I have watched All Live PD and Body Cam episodes
    My Mom says: This is a graphic police video

  • Luat Tran
    Luat Tran Hace un año

    My Mom and I have watched All Live PD and Body Cam episodes
    My Mom says: This is a graphic police video