Technician held at gunpoint, $100K stolen from ATM

  • Publicado el 12 may 2022
  • Technician held at gunpoint, $100K stolen from ATM

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  • Gerar Pope
    Gerar Pope Hace 13 días +41

    At first I was like wow, but as I watched, red flags came up instantly. Maybe I'm wrong but I just find it hard to believe the technician would be allowed to continue on without security, especially in a city like Memphis where criminal activity such as this happens often. With that amount of money, no way would I continue on without protection. I would not rule out an inside job, maybe not the technician, but I'd definitely follow up on everyone, especially security that did not show up.

  • BlackLifted F150_901
    BlackLifted F150_901 Hace 13 días +65

    He opted out a guard but opted into $50k+!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Blak Ju
      Blak Ju Hace 11 días

      @Barbara James thatz whatz wrong wit the world now. People should tryna checking themselves be4 they check another unless itz an direct fact. You had no knowledge of facts with your approach lol

    • Blak Ju
      Blak Ju Hace 11 días +1

      @Barbara James maybe you 2 old or un knowledgeable but correct your self instead of tryin 2 correct Me when you was wrong from the beginning anyway🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Blak Ju
      Blak Ju Hace 11 días +1

      @Barbara James well I’m street terms wash the money mean switching it out

    • Barbara James
      Barbara James Hace 11 días

      @Blak Ju Do you mean "watch" the money, because "wash" the money doesn't make sense.

    • BlackLifted F150_901
      BlackLifted F150_901 Hace 12 días +1

      @Revived Lady but if they into other street activity…they can wash it off in the streets.

  • Marc Kush
    Marc Kush Hace 13 días +53

    Sounds like he set it up 😂. Knowing that should of never happened with that kind of money

    • norlens noel
      norlens noel Hace 10 días

      @William A plenty of people ride around with a gun on them looking for crimes of opportunity which this could be but with that kind of money I’m sure the cops are thinking it’s a setup also

    • Mr.Mane88
      Mr.Mane88 Hace 13 días +1

      Park and getwell. Jone was ina hood

    • Wanda Sanders
      Wanda Sanders Hace 13 días +4

      I agree, if he didn't SET it up, he should have.Because it seems he did to me.

    • William A
      William A Hace 13 días +3

      I was looking for this comment. Cause I was thinking the same thing. Someone just happened to be driving by in the evening while he was updating the system with a gun ready to rob.hmmm im no detective but that ain't right

    • Alvin Savage
      Alvin Savage Hace 13 días +7

      Yep… something doesn’t seem right already

  • taper candles
    taper candles Hace 13 días +39

    Wish they didn't say the $$ amount stolen.. seems it'll encourage others to try same..

    • Sexy senior
      Sexy senior Hace 13 días +2

      They will...🤨

    • Blak Ju
      Blak Ju Hace 13 días +7

      Need 2 , itz government money. They take from us everyday

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake Hace 12 días +16

    You at a bank and dealing with a machine that holds hundreds and thousands of dollars and you opt out for security. And you didn't see the man, all you heard was his voice and seen a gun? I'm very sure you always had security with you except for this particular night and that's the you happened to get robbed? Sounds fishy!!!

    • Marquella Davis
      Marquella Davis Hace 10 días +1


    • Richard Gentry
      Richard Gentry Hace 10 días +2

      Something SHADY.

  • James Ross
    James Ross Hace 13 días +18

    Anyone low key jealous of the amount of money he stole?? 🙄

    • norlens noel
      norlens noel Hace 10 días

      @Pérez Soriano it would take a long time to save 100,000. But it only took a couple mins for this criminal to make 100,000

    • NOIR
      NOIR Hace 11 días

      I am 😂

    • Mogul Grifffin
      Mogul Grifffin Hace 12 días +1

      I’m big mad

    • Pérez Soriano
      Pérez Soriano Hace 13 días

      No because it's not hard to save money

    • William A
      William A Hace 13 días +5

      It ain't Lowkey I'm big jealous 🤣

  • $@pphire#51
    $@pphire#51 Hace 13 días +40

    Memphis out of all places. Man, you needed armed security. Glad you are okay though.

  • Regina Hamilton
    Regina Hamilton Hace 13 días +16

    I feel like he had something to do with it. Why not wait the hour for security. It don't sound right to me we will have a update in a couple days saying he had something to do with it.

  • Water Sniper
    Water Sniper Hace 13 días +23

    This and those Brinks and Loomis type jobs are even very dangerous these days

    • darmor85
      darmor85 Hace 13 días +3

      My dad got shot 4 times working for 1 of them companies ..shit happen early 2000s shit was on the news here n memphis..stole 75k

  • Dre G
    Dre G Hace 13 días +17

    Him n the robber definitely splitting that money up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Marquez Smith
    Marquez Smith Hace 13 días +40

    That was a easy lick... good job technician and best friend... let me guess, he'll need about a month off b/c he's "traumatized".. vacation time to enjoy that 50,000 😉 call me next

    • Eric Howard
      Eric Howard Hace 10 días


    • Tommy Girl
      Tommy Girl Hace 13 días +2

      😅😂🤣😂right 50k a piece

    • ME
      ME Hace 13 días +2

      50/50 @ casino high roller section

    • Blak Ju
      Blak Ju Hace 13 días +2

      Givin the news a Sweet Lie🤣

    • Wanda Sanders
      Wanda Sanders Hace 13 días +5

      Right, you just analyzed the whole plan. I don't know who he think he's fooling.

  • MassGainingGuy
    MassGainingGuy Hace 13 días +8

    He opted to not have a guard??? Who in their right mind would do that alone?

    • Mr.Mane88
      Mr.Mane88 Hace 13 días +4

      A mastermind. Especially wit a drop ina hood.

  • NaturallyKoily Kuteness
    NaturallyKoily Kuteness Hace 10 días +3

    The technician is complicit. Financial institutions are required to provide security and it isn't "optional" to tell security they don't have to show up.

  • Douglas Family Tesla
    Douglas Family Tesla Hace 13 días +6

    Well you never know. The guard not being there could’ve been better. If the thief had a gun and noticed the guard had a gun there could be a shoot out or worse he could’ve walked up and shot them both no questions asked or statements made.

  • The Iron Body Sensei
    The Iron Body Sensei Hace 13 días +11

    Paying for good help is always a good idea. I’m sure there are off duty cops who’d love to make that money. Maybe a security app on call like Uber. 🧐

    • alex772350
      alex772350 Hace 13 días +1

      Nooo. Its was a set up from the get go!! Sheesh 🙄

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk Hace 13 días +13

    It is to bad there are not security and Police that could come and keep him safe. Lesson learned. People just want to do their jobs and get it done. They should not have to worry about security and gun violence.

    • Phillip Lamb
      Phillip Lamb Hace 10 días

      @Thomas Stecyk nah u don't get it, if a person breaks into my house which takes seconds, I'm supposed unlock a gun box which takes minutes??.. it's not the gun it's the person, stop blaming a tool 🤷..u can kill with a car, a hammer, a knife, a chainsaw ect, u gone lock them up and blame them too🤷

    • Game Asylum
      Game Asylum Hace 10 días


    • Thomas Stecyk
      Thomas Stecyk Hace 13 días

      @Phillip Lamb I will say it again for people that do not want to get it... If the gun is locked in the box and no one can get to it you are safe. But if a person picks it up it's anyones' guess what is going through that persons' head. Just because you have a gun does not guarantee a good outcome.

    • Phillip Lamb
      Phillip Lamb Hace 13 días

      @Thomas Stecyk 🤦, thank u for basically saying the same thing I'm saying.. PEOPLE! like u said "criminals" and "crazy people" ..."PEOPLE" not guns. Again MY guns and I know a lot of other people guns ain't do nothing to nobody 🤷..the gun can't pull the trigger by they self, common sense.

    VILLAIN4LIFE60 Hace 13 días +5

    Would've liked to have seen his facial expressions when talking about the situation

  • Rachel Young
    Rachel Young Hace 13 días +8

    Probably a friend who's going to go 50/50 with him.

  • Yolanda Greene
    Yolanda Greene Hace 13 días +9

    What did they do split the 100k. The guard was probably in on it..... Just kidding. Makes you wonder though. Times are extremely hard. Ijs

  • lch jr
    lch jr Hace 13 días +11

    100k in an ATM scheduled for maintenance, no security, and no cameras? Y’all need to fire a whole bunch of people.

    • lch jr
      lch jr Hace 13 días

      @doughessonSo you’re the guy who got frustrated because he couldn’t figure out how to install a RING camera?

    • doughesson
      doughesson Hace 13 días

      @lch jr How do you figure that I have any interest in this?
      Just because I responded to your comment?
      Your life is that empty?

    • lch jr
      lch jr Hace 13 días +1

      @doughessonYou seem to have a big stake in this; are you the guy who didn’t want to wait for security, to get home on time?

    • doughesson
      doughesson Hace 13 días

      @lch jr I'm just wondering why you aren't a big wheel in the bank security game

    • lch jr
      lch jr Hace 13 días +1

      @doughesson You think it takes an expert to figure that out?

  • Ronnie Eutsy
    Ronnie Eutsy Hace 13 días +7

    Boi it's always something going on in Memphis it's sad It's a blessing that the technician didn't get hurt

  • Cardell Jones
    Cardell Jones Hace 13 días +3

    Lol the unknown man was his friend, he had no guard for a reason. Jail time 4 this guy

  • doughesson
    doughesson Hace 13 días +7

    I took over a guard shift because the bank had been robbed.
    The guard was the first one knocked down when the robbers came in but he got descriptions for each of them & the vehicle even the direction of travel as they left.
    He asked to go home to change his pants (understandable) but decided to quit when he got home.

  • norlens noel
    norlens noel Hace 10 días +1

    The guy said “don’t make any sudden moves“ that’s such a cliche thing to say when sticking someone up. Something you’d hear in the movies but not something a youngster from the hood would say

  • NewEra
    NewEra Hace 12 días +4

    He risked getting shot, because he didn't have time for security 🤔❗

  • Michele Otero
    Michele Otero Hace 13 días +3

    I feel sorry for him. Glad he didn't kill him

  • Dee Lakerson
    Dee Lakerson Hace 13 días +8

    The ATM Tech was sittiing in his house counting brand new 50 dollar bills, sipping on Hennessy and wearing a fresh pair of Yeezy Foam Runners during this interview

    • doughesson
      doughesson Hace 13 días

      @THAT GUY 3782 No, more of a Jay Z type of music

    • THAT GUY 3782
      THAT GUY 3782 Hace 13 días +5

      He sounds like a bud light type of guy to me ....with some cowboy boots and ALAN JACKSON 🍹 MARGARITAVILLE PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND... 🤣🤣

  • The Iron Body Sensei
    The Iron Body Sensei Hace 13 días

    Hey news 3, I'm a former intern. I had 6 squads pull up on me for working out and massaging my back. I was detained and my knee injured from a officer slamming my knee twice with his door. Which already injured due to military service. Then another officers rambled thru my open window and removed my pink sea salt and I guess tested it. Himalayan salt....but 6 cameras can't catch atm robbery. Gave me a ticket for listening to philosophy too loud. I own multiple business owner in this city and I won't allow my rights to be trampled upon. And barred m from the park when no crime took place.

  • Tawanda Durham
    Tawanda Durham Hace 13 días +8

    That does not make any sense to me that kind of money really ok , Where and when are you guys gonna meet up so you can get your half.You had no protection at all come on that was to easy.Lesson learned I bet soon you and family going on vacation.Some things are to transparent a person can tell what happen before he did.

  • L.B.E. Vanguard
    L.B.E. Vanguard Hace 13 días +7

    At least no one got killed and the criminal was actually thinking bigger and didn't rob a Dollar General

    • doughesson
      doughesson Hace 13 días +1

      Yeah that's the crime I'm planning with my history degree.

    • Mr.Mane88
      Mr.Mane88 Hace 13 días


  • idgafff
    idgafff Hace 9 días

    😆 🤣 😂 people wake up, the technician opted out instead of calling a guard cuz he didn't want to wait, yea sure buddy 😂🤣

  • cliff corbitt
    cliff corbitt Hace 12 días +2

    in las vegas we have cops that are assigned to meet at checkpoints just for this transaction. why dont memphis use a cop for 5 minutes too i wonder?? inside job?????????? a guard is worthless man!!! a cop is more of a crime if you assault one.

  • y_vito
    y_vito Hace 9 días

    He is your SUSPECT!! Who states “don’t make any sudden movements” while committing a robbery

  • Tony T
    Tony T Hace 12 días +2

    SET UP. That technician planned that. 😂

  • Mario Avila
    Mario Avila Hace 13 días +7

    shieet the atm repair guy should/ve reached out to me I'd had been down to "rob" him for an even split. I'm not even mad, that was an easy smooth lick.

  • Daniel Soares
    Daniel Soares Hace 10 días +1

    Sounds like an inside job to me... someone knew what time that technician was going to be there.

  • Tee Bo
    Tee Bo Hace 13 días +13

    What a lick. Tech probally played good for years. Record clean

  • Nutchelle777
    Nutchelle777 Hace 10 días

    What does he have to wait for a Guard!? Why don’t they have one with him or available at at least 0-15 minutes within needing one. The company will have to deal w that. The guard should not get in trouble Having to wait an hour for help w an ATM machine 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Slot Goddess
    Slot Goddess Hace 13 días +15

    He set that up 🤔🤔🤔🤔 no partner GTFOH 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Slot Goddess
      Slot Goddess Hace 13 días

      @Marquez Smith 😂😂😂😂

    • Slot Goddess
      Slot Goddess Hace 13 días

      @Mateen White 😂😂😂 AF

    • Marquez Smith
      Marquez Smith Hace 13 días +4

      Definitely a set up, I smiled during the whole story.. wishing I was the one he called to let me know where and what time he'll be there ALONE with 100,000.. lol, that was too easy

    • L.B.E. Vanguard
      L.B.E. Vanguard Hace 13 días +2

      I agree

    • Ballin Phil
      Ballin Phil Hace 13 días +1


  • Kat Televised
    Kat Televised Hace 9 días

    The FBI needs to look into this guy

    GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT Hace 13 días +4

    I wish I had in on that

  • Eddie Eda
    Eddie Eda Hace 11 días +1

    I used to work for these contractors. They're trying to save money by not hiring security. Also they outsourced all the equipment repairs and IT to India. They want you to work long hours for little pay and drive 300 miles every day for little pay, I quit after few months.

  • Lana
    Lana Hace 11 días

    He's gonna have the Feds eyes on him for a very long time

  • Samantha Johnson
    Samantha Johnson Hace 13 días +3

    Man sounds like a sit up cause they going ask Yu what's rule #1 🤣🤣 it always suppose to be more than one person dealing with federal money so he fired until forward notice

    • Don Rudolph
      Don Rudolph Hace 13 días +3

      I hope he get stomach muscles from that "sit up"

  • The Iron Body Sensei
    The Iron Body Sensei Hace 13 días +1

    Upon further reflection. On the esoteric tip you was bold enough to take a chance on Friday the 13th. Come on dude.

  • Lor Waxx
    Lor Waxx Hace 10 días

    Now y’all know what really happened talkn bout I didn’t feel like waiting on the Guard yea because that friend of yours would’ve got away so easy buddy

  • lilbutter35
    lilbutter35 Hace 12 días +1

    Something just ain’t right about that. Yeah repeating in your mind I got a way with

  • Dirty Red
    Dirty Red Hace 12 días +1

    Probably was a setup..other ppl would have been in jail and questioned in my world

  • Revived Lady
    Revived Lady Hace 12 días

    Always seeing an extra person with someone at ATM but during a robbery the extra person's life would be in jeopardy also so maybe this time was meant not to have a guard.

  • Shooting_In_Style
    Shooting_In_Style Hace 11 días

    Yeah it was a bad decision that they been watching remember your habits can kill you or put in a dangerous

  • Tha 1 Gurl
    Tha 1 Gurl Hace 12 días +1

    He set that up… dude will be dropn off his half later on 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Rodney Slinger
    Rodney Slinger Hace 11 días +1

    I bet he waits for the guard next time.

  • Drastic Nation
    Drastic Nation Hace 13 días +2

    He was in on it

  • Marcus Kelly
    Marcus Kelly Hace 9 días +1

    Bubby you just lay low for while I think the cops or on to me🤣

  • NOIR
    NOIR Hace 11 días +1

    How is that his choice to take a guard or not? The company should’ve made that choice.

  • Ahab Yahawah ba hasham Yahawashi is my crown

    Judgement from the most high YAHAWAH

    JACQUELINE JOHNSON Hace 13 días +3

    This story sounds like a set up

  • Yellow Cake
    Yellow Cake Hace 13 días +1

    So what time do he pick up his half
    Friday in Memphis in a high crime area and he like I don't got a gun so definitely dont need a armed guard outside of the bank with all this money

    A.J BROWNE Hace 10 días

    Why was security not there protecting this guy🤔🤫 o he didn't want to wait. Mr. Sir I am soo glad that you are okay

  • Got2getit20
    Got2getit20 Hace 9 días

    Was he really or in on it!

  • DoughBezzy FromHPezzy
    DoughBezzy FromHPezzy Hace 9 días

    He opted not to have a guard huh? 🤔 Inside job could be very much the case here.

  • Lelo Brown
    Lelo Brown Hace 13 días +2

    Seems Suspect!! 👀

  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson Hace 12 días +1

    I need 20 thousands out that package

  • BigBoy BassHead
    BigBoy BassHead Hace 13 días +1

    Dam he got paid dead ass I guess they good now

  • altoria Oweeenss
    altoria Oweeenss Hace 13 días +4

    might be inside job

  • Treniece White
    Treniece White Hace 10 días +1

    He's probably involved why NOT have a guard something sounds FISHY!!

  • Topnotch Rocker
    Topnotch Rocker Hace 13 días +2

    You are fired!!!

  • Purp Williams
    Purp Williams Hace 13 días +1

    Moving my family outta Memphis

  • Official Justin Cotton
    Official Justin Cotton Hace 7 días

    So many things that don't make sense but I guarantee you they catch whoever did it

  • alex772350
    alex772350 Hace 13 días +1

    🤣 nice set up. He's knowns whats up. Pos!!

  • T Tuck
    T Tuck Hace 10 días

    He's getting fired why call off security don't matter how long they take u getting paid so sit and wait for him ...technician actions is a lil sus

  • Sexy senior
    Sexy senior Hace 13 días +1


  • Third- Heaven
    Third- Heaven Hace 11 días

    Well he will be in jail real soon you don't have to be a cop to figure this one out...😂😂😂oh I didn't want to wait a your for a security guard so I just go on up there an wait for my partner come rob me...😃😃😃

  • long lived king Emmett
    long lived king Emmett Hace 13 días

    This dont sound right to me he opted not to have a gaurd🤔😉😳🤣🤣💯💯 hey man this isnt rocket sincere🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 in-side.. JOB!!!👌🏾😜🤣🤣

  • Mr KEem
    Mr KEem Hace 12 días +1

    That's a sweet lick!!!!!

    T-SHIRT COLLEGE Hace 6 días

    🗣️Ain't Nobody Rob That Man😐

  • dave campos
    dave campos Hace 9 días

    How dumb can people be
    This was an inside job by the technician

  • Crooked Smile
    Crooked Smile Hace 10 días

    Nah he help setup the "robbery" there no reason why you don't "need" a guard with you when you need it

  • Expert Critic
    Expert Critic Hace 13 días

    they split the money. nice set-up

  • Sonny Williams
    Sonny Williams Hace 13 días


  • Booster#14
    Booster#14 Hace 13 días +2

    Where was security. Fishy.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Hace 10 días

    He will be watched by the feds now

  • Alvarez Hampton-Bey
    Alvarez Hampton-Bey Hace 13 días +1

    They must of did a chemtrail on yaw

  • Don Rudolph
    Don Rudolph Hace 13 días +3

    He sounds"white", so he didindonuffin, on Larry Bird

  • Ⓜ️
    Ⓜ️ Hace 10 días


  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson Hace 12 días +1

    He was dress up like Jason on Friday the 13

  • Darryl Brown
    Darryl Brown Hace 10 días

    InSide Job 🤑🤑🤑😂😂😂

  • Michael Spears
    Michael Spears Hace 7 días

    naw he’s getting a cut

  • Roll The Tape
    Roll The Tape Hace 10 días

    sounds like the tech splitting that 100k with the fake gun man

  • Esa Abdullah
    Esa Abdullah Hace 13 días +1

    Sounds like a in house job..

  • A1 Solutions
    A1 Solutions Hace 13 días

    He got $50,000 for not

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams Hace 13 días

    Ain’t no way😂🧢

  • Mitchell Johnson
    Mitchell Johnson Hace 12 días +1

    Easy pay check

  • John Doe
    John Doe Hace 11 días +1

    Defy inside job

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia Hace 10 días

    Sus he's in on it

  • Riley Aaron
    Riley Aaron Hace 13 días +2


  • Jimmy Rouse
    Jimmy Rouse Hace 10 días

    Sounds like a inside job to me

  • Mr.Mane88
    Mr.Mane88 Hace 13 días +1

    On park and getwell?? ina hood?? He was asking 4 it. I wouldnt b surprised if he was n on it..

  • Tommy Girl
    Tommy Girl Hace 13 días +2

    Sounds like a set up

  • JD
    JD Hace 13 días

    That's a lot of money